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Acer Scores Hat-Trick of Timeline Notebooks
The Acer TravelMate 8000 Timeline series notebookAcer recently presented three new additions to its laptop collection – this time under its TravelMate 8000 Timeline series. While not exactly the slimmest ones around, they certainly are ultraportable and boast of some fantastic battery life.
The three new notebooks are in 15.6in, 14.1in and 13.3in sizes and have been named the 8571, 8471 and 8371 respectively. While the 8571 weighs in at just over 2kg, the 8371 is a feather-light 1.6kg. The notebooks come with a choice of the Intel Core 2 Duo and Solo processors and 2GB or 4GB of DDR3 memory.
Whether you opt for a 2GB model or a 4GB model, your system will carry additional slots to allow you to increase the memory by an equal capacity, namely 2GB or 4GB respectively. Surprisingly though, Acer is not offering SSD storage option on any of the three models; the only storage available is in the form of a 250GB or a 320GB traditional HDD.
Perhaps the best feature of the TravelMate 8000 Timeline series is Intel’s Laminar Wall Jet cooling technology. Originally developed for cooling jet engines, the Laminar Wall Jet system has louvers that suck in cold air and moves it around the inner surface of the notebooks’ chassis. This same air also rolls over the processor, keeping the entire system beautifully cool.
The Acer TravelMate 8000 Timeline series notebook 1Of course there is also the eight plus hours of battery life that is claimed by Acer for all three notebooks. This claim is aided by the LED backlit display, Intel’s ULV processors and of course, Acer’s own indigenous Acer PowerSmart Setting. This is a special button provided alongside the keyboard that smoothly synchronises all power saving features to boost battery life to the maximum.
As with most notebooks nowadays, the 8000 Timeline series models also come with 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, four USB ports, and a five-in-one memory card reader. One good addition is the biometric fingerprint reader, which makes the notebooks a safe choice for business users. An integrated webcam rounds up the specifications.
Pricing for the TravelMate 8000 Timeline models starts from £579 for the 250GB 13.3in model, with the 320GB 14.1in model coming across at £699, and the fully-loaded 320GB 15.6in model carrying a price tag of £709.
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