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Official Press Release

Abit IX38-MAX

Abit's entry to the market of motherboards based on the Intel X38 chipset has been announced. The IX38-MAX will sport a range of new features, and promises to be a firm contender for the title of best X38 based motherboard.

The board has the following features, allowed by the X38 Chipset.

DDR3 Memory - Allowing for up to 8GB of dual channel DDR3-1333/1066 memory, whilst saving up to 25% more power compared to DDR2 modules.

PCI-E 2.0 Support - The IX38-MAX has full support for the new generation of PCI-E, with 2 X PCI-E X16 slots, and also another PCI-E X4 slot.

And also these features...

Next Generation Digital PWM - This new technology allows the power switch frequency to be up to 4X faster, and thus a much more stable supply of voltage can be supplied to the CPU, aswell as less heat and prolonged component life.

100% Solid State Capacitors - These conductive polymer capacitors allow for an all round performance boost, as well as lower temperatures.

The cooling also seems pretty impressive. The northbridge is covered by a copper dual heatpipe cooler, the southbridge and digital PWM are covered by passive coolers, and the latter has the option of attaching a fan to it. The IX38-MAX also allows for fans to be attached above the RAM and above the Graphics Cards (Shown in Pictures Below).

The board also has several other nifty features aimed at the enthusiast market, such as onboard power and reset switches, right angled SATA connectors, and my personal favourite, the "EZ" button, which allows the user to clear the CMOS from the back panel.

And of course you can expect all the regular features of an Abit board such as the uGuru overclocking utility.

Just as a teaser, we can show you some pictures of the packaging and branding of the IX38-MAX.


Main Branding


More Branding


Some sources indicate that the IX38-MAX should be available within 2-3 weeks, and as with all X38 motherboards, expect the pricing to be high.

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