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80GB PS3 For Europe And Beyond
Sony has announced that it will be releasing the 80GB PS3 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other territories on August 27 according to the Gamespot blog.
The 80GB Playstation 3 will be coming to most of the rest of the world. Already announced for the US, last night Sony confirmed an August 27 release date for the model to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa, with Russia two weeks later...

The company will be discontinuing the 40GB consoles, but there will be no price reduction, as stocks are low; likewise, there will be no price reduction on either the PS2 or PSP.
The 80GB PS3 will sell in the UK for £299 (around $600)
The Home open beta will be in the above territories this fall, although no pricing has yet been set. However, countries using the PAL system will have to wait for the video download service, with no date yet set.

Additionally, Sony will make its Platinum range of games available in those territories. In the UK they’ll retail for £19.99 (about $40).
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