55nm GT200 to touch down in December? Page: 1
Nvidia Logo 55nm GT200 to finally arrive in December??
The chaps over at Fudzilla today reported that they have received word that December is when we may finally see Nvidia's rehash of the GT200 chip but this time coming on a 55nm process.  They say it could even come at the end of November but even if this were the case, it would be very unlikely to see any serious availability until December.
Obviously, on a 55nm process, the chips produced should be clocked higher and run cooler with perhaps more shader units or cores as Nvidia like to call them.  This shrink could finally lead to a dual GT200 GPU card which has been speculated on for months now.
Whether these rumours are true remains to be seen, but regardless of when the 55nm chips come, with them Nvidia have to bridge the gap between their own and ATI's current line of cards, and if possible surpass them.
Talk is already spreading of the 40nm shrink for Nvidia, but this is still some way off and is unlikely to be with us until at the very least March 09, but likely a little later.
Think there is any truth in this?  Could we be just a month away from the 55nm Nvidia cards?
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