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3DMark Vantage ScreenshotFurther information and screenshots of 3DMark Vantage revealed

The guys over at German site PCGamesHardware have had a chance to interview Oliver Baltuch and Dr. Jukka Makinen from Futuremark.
During this interview they receive some interesting information from the Futuremark representatives as well as get a new 3DMark Vantage screenshot.
The very first question clarifies what the pricing of the new software will be.  There will be a trial version that doesn't cost
a penny but is limited, a Basic Edtion which can be used over and over for less than €5, as well as the Advanced and Professional Edition costing $19.95 and $495 respectively.
Oliver Baltuch wouldn't confirm how many game tests will be included but did go on to say that all of the tests are brand new with new engines made from the ground up.  He also said they will test the latest hardware right to the limit and also allow for the testing of multi-CPU's and multi-GPU's properly.  Later in the interview Dr. Jukka Makinen, when asked if the game tests will show performance improvements when over 4 cores are used, went on to say "the graphics tests are designed to stress mainly the GPU(s) in the system, so the CPU scaling in these tests will be limited by design. The 2 new CPU tests in 3DMark Vantage, the AI and Physics tests, have been designed with current and future multi-core systems in mind so in these tests you will be able to see the benefits of multiple CPU cores well beyond 4".
Also mentioned was that 3DMark Vantage is a 32bit application that will run nicely on an 64bit Operating System as well but does not have any 64bit-specific performance optimizations.
Click here for the full interview (there are two pages mind). 
Also check out this link for all the latest screenshots.
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