2K Games Releases BioShock2 DLC Page: 1

Game developer 2K Games has officially announced new downloadable content (DLC) for its recently released BioShock2 game. The DLC is expected to make amends for the shortfalls that users experienced in the sequel to the highly-acclaimed BioShock game.

Titled The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack, the new DLC has been designed exclusively for bringing changes to the multiplayer part of BioShock2. The level cap has been taken up to 50 in multiplayer mode and there are new rank rewards at each level. The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack also adds new characters and customization options to the game. Firepower too has been increased through a third weapon upgrade for every weapon available to gamers.

To download the new pack, gamers will have to pay-up 400 MS points on their Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live. This comes to about $5. The best part about the DLC is that it is not the last of its kind. 2K Games has gone on record saying it will keep its fans happy by releasing more such packs in the coming months and there will be expansion of the single player mode too.

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