2010: The Year of the Touch Page: 1

CeBIT 2010 took off yesterday in Hannover and OC3D has been there right from the start. And not surprisingly, we found that “touch” is everywhere. While we hate to admit it, so far OC3D Labs have not managed to find a way to overclock “touch”.

Of course, we are in no mood to give up trying so easily, and we definitely welcome any bright ideas that you guys can come up with to help us out. So coming back to CeBIT 2010, we found touch in every nook and cranny. Touch screens are showing up on everything, full screen systems, mid-range PCs, and the lot. MSI has even added it to their lower priced home systems.

Not sure how they plan on handling the finger prints on glass issues though. On a more personal note, most of us at OC3D are not entirely impressed with the interface; imagine sitting with your hands out in front of you touching the screen for hours on end. It would be really tiring… phew!

We sincerely hope you do not misread our statements as a dislike for touch screens. Far from it, we strongly believe that a large part of our audience will soon be using touch screens in their homes. Our only advice… just keep them away from your super overclocked systems.

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