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The NurburgRig

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay  


It seems hard to believe but "The NurburgRig" has been complete for almost a year, its been mentioned to us that we never really gave it enough of the limelight at the time. With cases and hardware continually moving on, and the Orca project nearing completion, it has been discussed that it may be time to take a fresh look at the racing rig.

It would be rude for us to discuss any possible new rig before giving the old girl a good airing first so lets take a look at what was done. We took a completely stock off the shelf retail standard 100% original (get the point yet?) BitFenix Shinobi and decided it was in need of some modding love. Its low price makes it accessible for many an aspiring customiser and the classic layout also lent itself to the ideas we had in mind.

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay

We wanted to try and keep the mods done on the case sensible. We thought something subtle and not costing a months wages would be far more in keeping with the design and the RRP of the stock case. After some debate white carbon fibre effect 3M Di-Noc was chosen to adorn parts of the outside and the custom panels we would have made for the internals.

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay  
The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay

When first built it housed a Gigabyte UD7 with an i7 2700K running at 5GHz. Keeping this cool was an XSPC RX240 water cooling kit we custom fitted in the front of the case with Mayhems Pastel coolant. A Gigabyte GTX580 was the GPU it started its life with along with some colour co-ordinated white Corsair Vengeance LP ram, BitFenix Alchemy cable extensions and Spectre fans. 

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay  

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay

If you were willing to put the effort in you could easily put this rig together in a weekend including doing all the mods. Sure we did this for ourselves initially but it yet again goes to show you don't have to settle for a stock box that looks like everyone else's. Carefully selected parts and well planned mods no matter how minor can make a huge impact.

So that's the case, what does the whole rig look like I hear you cry? Well okay let's take a look.

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay

The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay     The NurburgRig - NFS Shift Gameplay

So that's the rig, would you like to see some game play? Ok Ok.... We will start with NFS Shift, many purists will not like it but let us explain what we are thinking by bringing this all back up. We are considering either a lap time competition where we set a lap time and then to be in with a chance of winning prizes you have to beat our time (shouldn't be too hard for most people!) or another idea we had though was OC3D Racing nights where we all meet up online and have some closed group racing sessions. This makes things much more personal but harder for a wider audience to all join in. For now this is all open for discussion in the forum thread so we can decide between us which option is best for all of us.

See the videos below to see the fun we have had practising over the weekend!



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Most Recent Comments

08-11-2012, 08:45:32

I'd be up for some OC3D racing nights, need to start getting some practice Quote

08-11-2012, 09:58:54

Its something I have a interest in gaming wise so it would be nice to share it with forum members. VB likes a good wheel game too so could be a great way for the natives to play with the staff (in a non kinky way this time)Quote

08-11-2012, 10:39:47

i rate myself above average in ALL NFS titles, F1-2012, Forza3/4, Dirt2/3 and GranTurismo5.

i am ready to set some competitive times

edit: without above fancy steering aid - joypad only for me

just watched the vids - who thinks they are Colin McRae???Quote

08-11-2012, 10:48:00

PITA as i have the wheel on the PS3 and not the PC. saying that is it a USB connection so should be compatible. just dont have the titles on the PC either lol. love my racing games.Quote

08-11-2012, 10:59:11

Hi, I will also be up for a "racing night" as long as you guys don't laugh at how bad I am..lolQuote

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