Toshiba say SSDs will be cheaper than HDDs by 2025

SSDs to be cheaper than HDDs

Toshiba: SSDs will be cheaper than HDDs by 2025

Toshiba say SSDs will be cheaper than HDDs by 2025


According to Toshiba SSDs are going to continue to get cheaper, so much so that they say they will be cheaper than the equivalent 3.5” hard drives of the same capacity by 2025.

The cost per bit (£/GB) of high-speed SSDs has drastically lowered over the years, and it is now almost as low as that of high-speed HDDs (2.5 inch, 15,000rpm hard drives), which have already started to be replaced with high-speed SSDs, said Toshiba's Yasuo Naruke.

 Toshiba: SSDs will be cheaper than HDDs by 2025


According to Toshiba's data, the cost per bit of high-speed SSDs will become lower than that of 15,000rpm high-speed HDDs in 2016 and that of 2.5-inch 10,000rpm HDDs in 2021, which makes SSD use almost a no brainer for laptop use in the future. So, the company considers that the replacement of both consumer and enterprise HDDs by SSDs will accelerate in or after 2015.

Toshiba expects that the cost per bit of SSDs will become lower than that of low-speed (about 7,000rpm), large-capacity near-line HDDs (3.5 inch) in about 2025, which means that consumer HDDs may no longer have a place in our systems unless they cannot significantly increase performance or pricing.    

If the market moves this way and the HDD market is almost completely erased by SSDs Toshiba say this, 'How many NAND manufacturing plants should we build?' It is important to be able to win in such a situation (with strategies for both SSDs and HDDs)," Naruke said.

In the market for clients especially for personal computers, Toshiba plans to improve its cost competitiveness by using TLC (3 bits per cell) NAND for its SSDs, Similar to what Samsung had done with it's popular 840 Evo SSD.


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Most Recent Comments

05-10-2014, 08:57:36

2025 surely by then a whole new technology would have replaced SSD'sQuote

05-10-2014, 09:13:54

Originally Posted by steverebo View Post
2025 surely by then a whole new technology would have replaced SSD's
That will depend on what you mean by new technology. I don't see anything coming along and replacing NAND memory as a storage medium (Especially given the speed of Samsung's v-NAND).

The same is that ATM new SSDs are not getting their full potential due to the limitations of SATA. We really need SATA 4 or something, yes m.2 is great, but how may of thise slows can be on one motherboard (not many). Right now all that really differentiates most SSDs is 3/GB.Quote

05-10-2014, 09:23:57

I don't know, think about how much technology has advanced in the Last decade. I remember being excited about my new 256gb pixel pipe graphics card and Athlon X2 and 1 gig of ram and 120gb ide hard drive and gaming at 640x480 was a challengeQuote

05-10-2014, 12:07:43

to be fair most things progress allong fast, but hard disks havent really kept up with everything els.
SSD's are going to be arround for a while IMO. people can talk about liquid data storage and so on. but i dont think anything will replace SSD's for a long time..

But they really should have been main stream a long time ago imo..
people have been using CF cards on amigas as hard disks for AGES.

but 2025 does seem a bit pesamistic in terms of cost drops i would have expected 2019 to be a more relistic crossover point.Quote

05-10-2014, 12:53:02

Well I would like to think SSD's would have atleast replaced mechanical disks by 2025 as the high capacity storage medium.

I think hard drives have been a bit slower as they were not really considered a bottleneck in systems but as time as gone on new operating systems have been developed larger files, games, music, HD video's ect have become the new medium and now hard drives access times and read/write speeds have become more important and had more money invested in development.Quote

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