You Might Not Survive an AC-Style Leap of Faith

You Might Not Survive an AC-Style Leap of Faith

Assassin's Creed in London!

You Might Not Survive an AC-Style Leap of Faith


A study form the University of Leicester shows that Assassin's Creed's trademark Leap of Faith moments are pretty unrealistic according to a paper called "Falling into Straw" from their Department of Physics and Astronomy. One other thing to note is that the University had previously published a paper on Super Mario Galaxy titles "It's a-me Density".


Here is the Abstract from the paper;


"The video game “Assassin’s Creed” often depicts and encourages the player to leap off tall buildings into piles of straw/hay. This article looks into whether this is survivable, and finds the maximum height to which the depicted hay piles are safe to jump into to be about a 12-13m fall, and the max survivable fall height to be about 50m."


You Might Not Survive an AC-Style Leap of Faith  

I advise you guys to read this paper, as it provides plenty of laughs, it goes almost without saying that the size of the haystacks used in Assassin's Creed is unrealistic for some of the larger jumps, like the cathedral in Acre for example.

The size of the average hay stack in Assassin's Creed is 1.5m, which is assumed to be very loose hay, rather than compacted, whick allows a "safe jump" of around 12-13 meters, which is around 2 to 4 stories. 


"While loose straw does undoubtedly provide cushioning from falls, the amount of straw used to cushion a character's fall is always the same, no matter the height of the jump," 

"Common sense dictates that the amount of cushioning, in this case, the height of a pile of straw, should be related to the height of the fall being cushioned. This is due to the increased kinetic energy of the jumper, which needs to be dispersed slowly."


Before you guys start planning out your weekends, we at OC3D obviously advise against trying a Assassin's Creed Style Leap of Faith at home as you have the potential to seriously injure yourself. 


You can join the discussion on the science behind Assassin's Creed's Leap of Faith on the OC3D Forums.


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26-02-2015, 08:43:26

I could have saved them much time and money, and explained this to them.Quote

26-02-2015, 08:49:27

If you ever considered doing a leap off a building into a wooden cart of hay you're an actual mong.

Could they not be putting their time into studies to cure deseases or something.

New study shows, if you put your finger into an electrical outlet you get a shock.

WHAT?! Didn't know this.Quote

26-02-2015, 08:54:46

"Okay lads cancers beaten us again." "whip out a ladder and the laundry list of stupid grad students."Quote

26-02-2015, 09:06:15

Quick!, get over to Failbook this is going to be interesting, grab your popcorn I'll be by the comments. Quote

26-02-2015, 09:13:21

Originally Posted by Wraithguard View Post
Quick!, get over to Failbook this is going to be interesting, grab your popcorn I'll be by the comments.
Hahaha. Quote

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