The Vulkan API is based on Mantle

The Vulkan API is based on Mantle

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The Vulkan API is based on Mantle


It has not been long since the Khronos group announced it's Vulcan API, a next generation API with several Mantle like benefits.

Khronos has recently revealed that AMD had given the Khronos group all of their Mantle Source code and that their next generation API Vulcan is based on AMD's Mantle, but with many iterations and refinements.

Here is an official statement from Khronos:


"Many companies have made great contributions to Vulkan, including AMD who contributed Mantle. Being able to start with the Mantle design definitely helped us get rolling quickly – but there has been a lot of design iteration, not the least making sure that Vulkan can run across many different GPU architectures. Vulkan is definitely a working group design now."


KHRONOS Reveal the Vulkan API


One of the main differences between AMD's Mantle API and Vulcan is it's shader language, Mantle uses HLSL, whereas Vulcan uses a new SPIR-V language, which should be much simpler to use than HLSL and GLSL as SPIR is pre-compiled. All drivers need to do is accept this intermediate shader language and apply it to their GPU architecture.

One other thing to note is that the SPIR-V code is accepted by Vulcan and OpenCL 2.1, which could lead to some very interesting opportunity for optimization for both Vulcan and OpenCL 2.1. AMD will be very glad to hear this as up until now they have very heavily backed OpenCL.


AMD Mantle May Be Dead


AMD has also delivered an blog post titles, "One of Mantle's Futures: Vulkan", this is what AMD had to say;


"The recent arrival of those oh-so-inspired successors has subsequently honed this chatter to one question: “What does Mantle do now?” AMD has cryptically replied—with very good reason—that Mantle’s destiny is openness and coexistence. Today we’re ready to be clear on one aspect of what that means.

The cross-vendor Khronos Group has chosen the best and brightest parts of Mantle to serve as the foundation for “Vulkan,” the exciting next version of the storied OpenGL API.



OpenGL has long and deservedly commanded respect for being a fast, versatile and wide open API that works on all graphics vendors across multiple operating systems.

Meanwhile, Mantle has seen acclaim for many improvements in gaming and game development: higher framerates, reduced rendering latency, reduced GPU power consumption, better use of multi-core CPUs, and re-pioneering new features like split-frame rendering.

Vulkan combines and extensively iterates on these characteristics as one new and uniquely powerful graphics API. And as the product of an incredible collaboration between many industry hardware and software vendors, Vulkan paves the way for a renaissance in cross-platform and cross-vendor PC games with exceptional performance, image quality and features."


You can join the discussion on Vulkan's foundations on AMD Mantle on the OC3D Forums. 


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06-03-2015, 14:05:53

This has been known for a while that they were using Mantle?? They said it a while ago when they gave Khornos full source codeQuote

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