Star Citizen is now selling virtual land for up to $100

More money for more features? Will this game ever release?

Star Citizen is now selling virtual land for up to $100

Star Citizen is now selling virtual land for up to $100

It is common knowledge that Star Citizen is an ambitious game, one that received early Kickstarter success and some insane levels of funding after that from fans of the game. Now, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) have given their fans another option to pay for the game's development, aside from the variety of ships and other content that is already available for prices that can exceed $500.

At this time the game mechanics that surround the purchase of land are not present in the game, though it is likely that players will be able to use their land to create bases, in-game villages/settlements or mine it for minerals of other resources, though the exact details of what exactly can be done with this land are unknown.  

Money raised from the sale of this land will be put towards the development of Star Citizen, raising awkward questions regarding RSI's financial situation. CIG's disclaimer states that the extra funds would allow more in-depth features to be integrated into the game, making the game seem even more ambitious than it was previously. 

These land claims are being made available for pledging to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The ability to obtain these claim licenses will ultimately be available for in-game credits and/or otherwise earnable through play in the game. Pledging for these claim licenses now allows us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen game, and is not required for starting the game. 


CIG has made it clear that the early purchase of land will not give early purchaser better land than latecomers and that there will be a large amount of lucrative land to purchase throughout the game's lifespan. What is "the best" piece of land will be highly subjective depending on it's intended use, with potential resources and access to trade routes being possible factors that will make particular pieces of land more valuable. There should always be good land for those that are willing to search for it. 

These early purchases are for land claims and not specific pieces of land, which means that users must find and claim their land before other players, though property can be sold to other players at a later date. 


Star Citizen is now selling virtual land for up to $100


Cloud Imperium Games is selling an item that does not exist yet, that is something that cannot be denied. Star Citizen has been in development for so long that many have already decreed that the game is a scam and that the game will never release in a "finished" state. With the release of Alpha version 3.0, CIG has already showcased some impressive work, though those that have funded the game early on are already showing their impatience for how long this game is taking to develop. 

There is no clear release date for Star Citizen at this time, making this early purchase of land nothing more than a pledge of support for the CIG. With the cheapest plots of land costing $50, this is a purchase that cannot be recommended, especially given how long it will likely take before this in-game purchase can be used. 

More information about Star Citizen's Land Claim Licenses is available here. CIG's FAQ can be read here

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Most Recent Comments

29-11-2017, 13:01:36

Barely able to deliver on promises and put out content and they just keep finding ways to monetize everything.Quote

29-11-2017, 13:11:06

Dark NighT
Meh people just throwing noise around as its the popular thing to do right now, can all be bought ingame, and this thing has been on the drawing board for ages.

^ slight bias as i dropped a lot of cash on it, but i do feel people overreating again, in perfect timing with all the controversies out there.Quote

29-11-2017, 14:38:53

I'm so glad that I never bought into the hype surrounding this "game".Quote

29-11-2017, 15:34:19

There's no land for sale, if you guys acually researched before posting you would know that. What's for sale (whether you agree with it or not) is little more than an alarm system.Quote

29-11-2017, 16:48:56

I got SC free with the purchase of a 290X quite some time ago, No way in hell am I spending money on it though and judging by it's current state it won't be out for at least another 3 years, And that's being very conservative.

I'll stick to Elite Dangerous, Sure it doesn't have space legs yet or in atmosphere flying but these are all things that are on the books and in the meantime we have a VERY playable game.Quote

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