Resident Evil 7 Graphical options and settings

Resident Evil 7 Graphical options and settings

Resident Evil 7 Graphical options and settings

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Graphical options and settings

Today Resident Evil 7 has released on PC, bringing the series back to its survival horror roots and outside of the action adventure theme of its predecessors. 
Now Resident Evil is more graphically impressive than ever before, creating a disturbingly believable horror experience that is easily creepier than anything that the series has accomplished previously.  
This morning we will be looking at the graphical options menu of the game's PC version on Steam, which supports HDR and has a large list of graphical options. 
Those of you with HDR compliant displays can enable HDR mode in the game;s display options menu, which will allow users to have enhanced contrast, lighting effects and much more realistic visuals. Sadly HDR compliant PC displays are rare, so this option will be greyed out for most PC gamers. 


Resident Evil 7 Graphical options and settings


Below is the game's full set of graphical options, we will be conducting our own set of performance tests over the coming days, so expect a PC performance review soon. 


Graphics Options:
  • Screen Resolution…self-explanatory here, but the game will list arbitrary resolutions supported by your monitor and Windows desktop environment. 

  • Refresh Rate…adjustable to frequencies supported by your monitor. Also supports 144Hz high refresh monitors including Nvidia G-Sync.
  • Display Mode…Full screen, Windowed, and Borderless Window modes are supported.

  • Field of View…FOV angle can be adjusted here (70-90)
  • - Frame Rate…supports 30, 60, and Variable (uncapped)
  • V-Sync…ON/OFF 

  • Rendering Method…Two options available - Normal and Interlaced 

  • Resolution Scaling…controls the game’s internal rendering resolution. This is akin to upscaling and downsampling of the final video output. Selectable option ranges from 0.5X to 2.0X. 1.0X is 100% 1:1 native output. The higher the number, the better the image quality and more GPU ‘oomph’ required, while lowering it below 1.0 makes the image softer (but also reduces GPU overhead and increases frame rate).

  • Texture Quality…option ranges from Very Low to Very High. Higher quality requires additional local video memory.

  • Texture Filtering…option ranges from Very Low to Very High. This is essentially your Trilinear to Anisotropic filter that goes all the way up to 16X. 

  • Mesh Quality…option ranges between Low to Very High. This option also affects Level-of-Detail (LOD) quality. 

  • Anti-Aliasing…Selectable options include FXAA, TAA, FXAA+TAA, and SMAA. 

  • Motion Blur…ON/OFF toggle 

  • Effects Rendering…Selectable between Low, Medium and High. This controls the intensity and density of certain visual effects. 

  • Depth of Field…ON/OFF toggle 

  • Shadow Quality…option ranges from Very Low to Very High. 

  • Dynamic Shadows…ON/OFF toggle 

  • Shadow Cache…ON/OFF toggle. When set to ON, shadows for static objects will be cached in video memory. 

  • Ambient Occlusion…Selectable options include OFF, SSAO (Variable), SSAO, HDAO, and HBAO+. 

  • Bloom Effect…ON/OFF toggle 

  • Lens Flare…ON/OFF toggle 

  • Volumetric Lighting Quality…Selectable between OFF, Low, and High. This option controls intensity and quality of dynamic lighting including light shafts piercing through window panes and vents. 

  • Reflections…Selectable between ON, OFF, and Variable. Affects fidelity and quality of screen-space reflections. 

  • Subsurface Scattering…ON/OFF toggle
  • Chromatic Aberration…ON/OFF toggle 

  • Colour Space…Selectable between SRGB and BT.709 


Resident Evil 7 Graphical options and settings


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