Modder brings the Fallout 76 gameplay experience to Fallout 4

Meet Fallout 4-76

Modder brings the Fallout 76 gameplay experience to Fallout 4

Modder brings the Fallout 76 gameplay experience to Fallout 4

For many people, Fallout 76 has been either the most exciting, or divisive reveals of E3 2018, moving the series away from its single-player roots towards a multiplayer focus while hoping to maintain the same depth and story-driven structure that made the series famous. 

This reveal has gotten many Fallout 4 modders wondering, could we bring the Fallout 76 gameplay experience to Fallout 4? Well, the answer to that question is yes, though sadly this mod doesn't enable full-on multiplayer support. 

One of the most concerning aspects of Fallout 76 is the ability to find launch codes and launch the world's remaining ICBMs at your opponents, filling players with dread because this means that other players have the potential to destroy your base, as settlement building has returned in Fallout 76, turning a lot of player off the game's multiplayer aspects. 

To accurately simulate Fallout 76, the modder SKK50 has removed around 95% of Fallout 4's NPCs and has added "human griefers" that will spawn and follow players, with NPCs and griefers acting as friendly and hostile online gamers respectively. Nukes will also be periodically fired at players, giving them a minimal warning to replace the blast radius.    

Hostile players will be given appropriate usernames like "L33T PWNZ BOSS", with lower-level griefers having names like N00b, Scrub and Plat. Griefers will also send helpful messages like "gg ez" and otherwise insult players. 

Below is an excerpt from Fallout 4-76's web page on Nexus Mods, one of Fallout 4's most popular modding communities. Note that this mod contains a few bugs, given its B.E.T.A status, which means that some nukes will be fired without any warning. 


     Random mixed human griefers will spawn and follow you, issuing half-witted taunt messages. Kill them all and more will turn up in time, like roaches on bad meat. If you run far enough away, that group will get bored and leave you alone ... for a while.

From V004 a player to griefer level matching system (N00b, Scrub, Plat, L33t) is introduced to allow the Fallout 4-76 experience to start at Vault 111 exit with a fresh player, growing with you in the land of scavenging opportunity.

(3) Occasional nukes are launched at you with a minimal getaway warning. Sometimes they land back on the Griefers, as they are naturally unclever. Nukes will not be launched directly at your workshops, so you can do some arts and crafts in peace if you stay close. Note as this is a B.E.T.A. some nuke warnings may be missed, but your player deaths are helping debug my free product.

It is clear that SKK50 created this mod as a joke, showcasing a possible worst-case scenario for Fallout 76, revealing a game where most players are hostile, and so-called griefers destroy the co-operative elements of the game. 

Thankfully, Bethesda has confirmed that the nuclear launch aspect of Fallout 76 is challenging and that the whole game can be played in single-player if required. Don't expect several nukes to be fired in quick succession in Fallout 76. 

Fallout 5's Fallout 4-76 mod is available on PC via Nexus Mods or on Xbox/PC via Bethesda.net, PS4 users cannot install this mode due to Sony's restrictions on game mods. 

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