Modder brings firearms to The Witcher 3

Watch out, Geralt's got a gun!

Modder brings firearms to The Witcher 3

Modder brings firearms to The Witcher 3

Have you ever felt that The Witcher 3 needed a little more of the wild west? Want projectile weapons that pack more of a punch than Geralt's crossbow? This is where Roenaxx's "Firearms" mod comes into play, adding firearms to the game. 

Don't worry, this mod will not make Geralt's swordplay obsolete, or negate the usefulness of the game's crossbows. Firearms are "finisher" weapons, with limited ammo and ten distinct models. While these weapons are powerful, ammo will be in short supply, with the game offering seven ammo types across three quality tiers, offering a total of 27 ammo types if silver bullets are included. 

If Geralt's in a tricky situation, it may be time to dust off your hand cannon, a weapon with enough stopping power to finish off hardy foes. Need more ammo, you can craft that with the right materials, Geralt is an expert alchemist, so this feature isn't exactly immersion breaking. That said, guns are a strange addition to The Witcher 3. 

If you want to try something a little different with your next Witcher 3 playthrough, you can give this mod a try. If nothing else, this mod adds something a little more powerful to Geralt's ranged arsenal, even if Witchers typically dislike that kind of combat. 

Below is a short trailer which showcases The Witcher 3's Firearms mod. Roenaxx's Wither 3 Firearms mod is available to download at Nexus Mods

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Most Recent Comments

26-06-2020, 16:53:56

It's not a strange addition! There's bombs and exploding barrels! It's clear gunpowder was already discovered at the witcher 3's world at the age the game happens so...
I was actually surprised there were no firearms in the original game. Kinda made the bombs out of place.

It's also kinda funny and convenient that witcher schools are not working anymore and new witchers are rare and scarce while firearms seems to be in the verge of being invented. It'll really give humans a fighting chance against monsters! With silver bullets, armies will have a very easy time taking down monsters and its just a matter of time before Humans in general learn that monsters should be fought with silver. Also kinda weird they don't know yet. After so much time you'd expect the secret to leak. I mean they do know to use dimeritium against witches don't they?Quote

26-06-2020, 18:32:16

I think gun limitation was the right thing to do otherwise our melee hero could be played as a range character. Would lose its appeal, and would not be true to the books.Quote

26-06-2020, 18:51:34

Agreed. Stick to the lore.

It's fun as a mod, but not vanilla.Quote

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