Intel Demo DX12- showing great CPU benifits

Intel Demo DX12

Intel Demo DX12 showing great CPU benifits  

Intel Demo DX12 showing great CPU benifits


Intel created a SIGGRAPH 2014 demo to demonstrate the performance and power benefits of Microsoft's DirectX 12 on the Surface Pro 3 with Intel HD4400 graphics.

The demo renders a large asteroid field, with 50,000 unique asteroids in total. This equates to 50,000 draws per frame, which presents a great load on the CPU when using older graphics APIs.  Each asteroid has a unique combination of vertices, textures and constants, again adding to the CPU load.

The demo can switch between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 on the fly.  It can also lock the frame rate to keep the GPU workload constant, or leave it uncapped to show total performance gains.

Overlaid on top of the full-screen demo is a real-time graph of the CPU and GPU power being consumed. 


Intel Demo DX12 showing great CPU benifits  

The Testing

To demonstrate the power gains of DirectX 12, Intel can lock the framerate of the demo, rendered with DirectX 11 for a period of time and then toggled to DirectX 12 rendering the exact same content for an equal period of time.  The graph in the picture below clearly indicates that DirectX 12 CPU power consumption was reduced more than 50% when compared to DirectX 11 rendering the exact same content at the same framerate.  These power savings mean that your device can run for much longer, while also operating cooler!


Intel Demo DX12 showing great CPU benifits  

Now for the testing we really care about, uncapped and unlimited performance numbers. In heavy CPU based loads, DirectX 12 can take a game that’s otherwise unplayable framerates on DirectX 11 without even increasing the power your device consumes! This is shown in the two pictures below with DirectX 11 on the left and DirectX 12 on the right.


Intel was able to demonstrate this by unlocking the framerate cap on their Asteroids demo showing more than a 50% increase in FPS using DirectX 12 without drawing any extra power draw.

   Intel Demo DX12 showing great CPU benifits  Intel Demo DX12 showing great CPU benifits


These power savings are coming directly from efficiency improvements that are in the DirectX 12 API.  Lower level access to the hardware than ever before allows applications to significantly improve their CPU utilization, enabling them to draw extremely complex scenes at a significantly reduced energy cost. This is a similar story to how AMD's Mantle operates, but unlike Mantle, Intel and Nvidia are already onboard with thid new API

Like the Surface Pro 3, all devices which support DirectX 12 can benefit from DirectX 12 reduced power consumption, either in the form of longer battery life, increased performance, or some combination of the two.

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14-08-2014, 12:34:51

Intel created a SIGGRAPH 2014 demo to demonstrate the performance and power benefits of DirectX 12, compared to DirectX 11, on Intel HD4400 graphics. Let's look at their results.

Read more on Intel's DX12 Demo here.Quote

14-08-2014, 13:05:47

This is fantastic! I knew tha DX12 woulda have a similar impact on gaming, but boy I'm happy to hear about it. It would make a huge improvment for me in the moment since I'm running on board graphics, but the thing I like the most is that DX12 is for everyone and just a proprietary nVidia or AMD thing and the best of all it is free! I can't wait for it coming.Quote

14-08-2014, 13:09:16

Is it possible that it will be compatible with the latest or all directX 11 cards?Quote

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