Here's what included in Blizzard's WoW Classic BlizzCon Demo

Expect Vanilla WoW with some modern features.

Here's what included in Blizzard's WoW Classic BlizzCon Demo

Here's what included in Blizzard's WoW Classic BlizzCon Demo

At BlizzCon 2018, World of Warcraft (Wow) fans will be given the opportunity to play WoW Classic for the first time, not just at the even but in their homes thanks to BlizzCon's Virtual Ticket system. 

In essence, WoW Classic is the MMO as it was originally released, long before the cataclysm destroyed much of the old zones and the game's world and mechanics have forever changed thanks to the continuous release of new expansion content. 

Thankfully, Blizzard isn't just re-releasing WoW with the game's legacy codebase, leaving the game ready to hack and otherwise exploit. WoW Classic is built using WoW's modern codebase, complete with years of optimisations and networking improvements. On top of that, the WoW Classic Demo will feature improved widescreen support, Battle.net integrations, and other modern features. 

The demo will allow players to create level fifteen characters and play them until they hit a level cap of 19, placing Alliance players in Westfall and Horde players in the Barrens. Those with access to the demo at home will have the time to create multiple characters, which will allow them to test out multiple classes and races. This will also enable players to play the game as both the Alliance and the Horde. 

Blizzard has mentioned that there will be a time limitation on the demo initially for individual play sessions, which will likely last for the duration of BlizzCon to stabilise server loads.  


    Because it’s a demo, there’ll will be some limitations on the content: the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns dungeons won’t be available, the only PvP will be dueling, and you won’t be able to visit zones other than Westfall and the Barrens. We also typically limit the time our BlizzCon attendees can play a demo, and that will be the case for BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo players at home. In order to maximize the number of people who can try out the demo, initially you’ll be logged off after playing for a certain amount of time to give somebody else a turn. We haven’t determined exactly how long this time limit will be yet, but we’re also planning some flexibility, so if we’re able to relax the restriction and still give everyone who wants to play a great experience, then we’ll do that. If you do find your session has ended before you’ve done everything you wanted to, don’t worry—your character will be there when you get back in for your next session, and all your progress will be saved.

You’ll start the demo at level 15. While we know that starting at level 1 holds a lot of nostalgia, you’re also limited in what you can do when you’re first starting out. Given the time constraints of a BlizzCon demo, we wanted to give players some freedom to explore and experiment with core systems like talents or professions, which are unavailable at level 1. We also wanted you to be able to get a good sense of the original class played. At Level 15, warriors have Defensive Stance, priests have Psychic Scream, hunters have their pet, and so on—so at this level you really start to feel like your class has some of the key tools that make the class distinct. Additionally, all characters will be capped at Level 19. But you can create multiple characters, so you can try out as many different classes and races as you’d like!


Here's what included in Blizzard's WoW Classic BlizzCon Demo  
Blizzard's WoW Classic demo will be available shortly after BlizzCon's opening ceremony on November 2nd, which takes place at around 1 pm PDT. The demo will be available to attendees and virtual ticket holders until November 8th. 

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23-10-2018, 09:50:11

so possibly £40 for 30 minutes of classic, and they waited this long before telling people, I have a feeling it will be a rushed demo for blizzcon as a money grabQuote

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