EA Reportedly Cancels Star Wars Open World Game

A new Star Wars project is reportedly in the works

EA Reportedly Cancels Star Wars Open World Game

EA Reportedly Cancels Star Wars Open World Game 

EA has several new Star Wars games in the pipeline, from Respawn Entertainment's Jedi: Fallen Order to the project that was formerly under Visceral, a studio which was closed by EA in late 2017

Visceral's Star Wars game has been in the works since 2013, and with the demise of the studio, the game's development has moved to EA's Vancouver studio, reworking the project to create an open world game. Now, it looks like this project has been cancelled, at least according to Kotaku.  

EA's Star Wars project was reportedly being developed under the name Orca, a project that was in early development. EA has allegedly canned the game to focus the studio on a smaller scale Star Wars project, which targets a closer release date. Kotaku estimates the new game's release date as being in late 2020. 

EA's cancelled game reportedly features "scoundrels or bounty hunters" as player characters, with the game allowing players to explore a variety of open world where they can interact with several factions within the Star Wars universe. Kotaku's report also claims that the cancellation of Orca has not resulted in any layoffs, which is good news for everyone involved with the project. 

EA Reportedly Cancels Star Wars Open World Game  

The next Star Wars game from EA is likely to be Respawn's Jedi: Fallen Order, which is currently scheduled to release later this year. At this time no gameplay footage has been shown for the title, making it likely that EA is saving the game's unveiling for E3 2019.   

At this time EA has not commented on Kotaku's report, though a focus on a smaller-scale project could turn out to be a good thing in the mid-term, especially if the new project turns out to be a single-player game. 

You can join the discussion on EA reportedly cancelling their open-world Star Wars project on the OC3D Forums.  

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Most Recent Comments

16-01-2019, 11:25:23

A few things need to happen -

1. The Star Wars license needs to be taken off EA.

2. EA needs to be shut down and all CEO's, Execs, Fat cats etc... need to be put in a floating prison out in the middle of the Pacific ocean and then sunk as a warning to any other scumbags.

3. The Star Wars IP needs to be taken off Disney as they are ruining it.

4. An independent publisher/studio needs to be created that is staffed and run exclusively by passionate Star Wars nerds and the rights of all Star Wars games given to them with a clause stating if any game is monetized in anyway other than the initial fee of the game all employees will face a 100 Million dollar fine each, No microtransations, Only full on paid expansion packs that must be at the very least half the size of the original game, The only multiplayer allowed is online co-op and local co-op.

Right now EA and Disney are ruining Star Wars, The movies have way too much social politics mixed in and the games are just pathetic cash grabs.Quote

16-01-2019, 11:45:12

Black Knight
Disney is OK, but JJ Abrams should be tied up, covered with cous cous and sent to the Talibans.Quote

16-01-2019, 11:49:55

Originally Posted by Black Knight View Post
Disney is OK, but JJ Abrams should be tied up, covered with cous cous and sent to the Talibans.

My desk thanks you for the coffee it received XDQuote

16-01-2019, 11:52:22

Disney is doing fine. Rebels turned out pretty good after the first season and they are bringing back Clone Wars. Some of the books are also pretty good (the 1st new Thrawn book and Bloodline especially).

I'm, fine with Episode 8, though that doesn't mean that I wouldn't change a lot of it if given the option.

Game-wise, Disney needed to get EA to focus on single-player games from the start, something that could add to the Star Wars universe a little. Multi-player games don't impress me as a star wars fan. I played Battlefront II's single player and that's it. The Multiplayer is of no interest to me long-term.Quote

16-01-2019, 12:37:48

This game has been started and stopped so many times I lost count

As for Disney, no they are not doing fine. Greedy a holes. The new Vader fan film by Star Wars Theory which he funded entirely himself to avoid legal issues, got claimed by White Chapel and now they are making money off his own work. All this after telling him he could do it if he paid for it himself.
They are mad because he made a better story with $100k than they could with $100 millionQuote

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