Does Denuvo have a performance impact in Final Fantasy XV?

Does Denuvo deserve its bad reputation?

Does Denuvo have a performance impact in Final Fantasy XV?

Does Denuvo have a performance impact in Final Fantasy XV?

Denuvo has gained a bad reputation over the years, with the most frequent criticism being its rumoured performance hit, receiving constant bashing almost every time a demanding PC game hits the market. The problem with this criticism is that it is unproven, with no conclusive data to back it up, though Final Fantasy XV has given PC gamers the opportunity to finally put this issue to bed. 

Peter "Durante" Thoman, the creator of the Dark Souls mod DSFix and the man who created the performance-enhancing MEGAPATCH for Little King Story's PC version, has dedicated some of his time to specifically test the effects of Denuvo on Final Fantasy XV. In this effort he used the game's DRM free demo and the Denuvo using final release to test several like for like scenarios. 

Denuvo is most commonly said to increase the CPU demands of a PC game, so Durante tested the game with a resolution of 720p with a 50% rendering scale with a GTX 1080 GPU to ensure that his processor was as heavily loaded as possible. The game was tested with its highest GPU preset with all GameWorks effects disabled aside from Turf Effects, maximising CPU load with a large number of draw calls.  

Below is a graph which details one of three of Durante's test scenes, which compare various core counts on his i7 5820K, allowing the Denuvo using final game to be compared against the Denuvo free demo. Across three scenes the full game performed slightly better (5.6% faster) in one, identical in another and 3.5% slower in the final test area. In short, game performance was not affected, with differences that can better be attributed to a margin of error or slight differences between the demo and final game than Denuvo. 

Does Denuvo have a performance impact in Final Fantasy XV?  

As a secondary test, Durante timed the game's loading speeds, finding that the full Final Fantasy XV build took on average 6.7% longer to load than the demo.  It is worth noting that the final game does contain more content, such as additional side quests and objectives than the demo in the same area, despite using the core assets and basic content in the early game. 

Regardless of whether or not this difference is attributable to Denuvo or differences in game code, a 6.7% change is not worth worrying about. These results are taken as a median of several test runs, making the change consistent, but minor. 


Does Denuvo have a performance impact in Final Fantasy XV?

Durante's full findings and analysis are available on PC Gamer, though the results are very clear here. Denuvo isn't sapping away CPU performance in Final Fantasy XV, at least not enough to make a difference in a CPU limited scenario. 

Our analysis of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is also live if you want to see how well the game performs in some of its most challenging areas. 

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