Civilization VI's Rise and Fall Expansion has been announced

This expansion is a literal game changer.

Civilization VI's Rise and Fall Expansion has been announced

Civilization VI's Rise and Fall Expansion has been announced

Firaxis has officially revealed Civilization VI's first major expansion, which will be titled "Rise and Fall" and will include many significant changes to the game's mechanics as well as new Civilizations and other updates. 

One of the most substantial changes from Rise and Fall the game's Loyalty mechanic, which can see cities declare independence or peacefully become part of a rival empire, allowing Civilisations to crumble under their own weight if their citizens do not remain loyal.

In addition to Loyalty, this expansion will bring big changes to Civilization's Golden Age mechanic, adding "Dark Ages" where citizen loyalty is hurt and other negative penalties are enacted on civilizations. Golden Ages will bring players large bonuses to loyalty, though they become much harder to achieve in time without any "Dark Ages" in between.

Each Golden Age will give players a single Dedication Bonus, though if specific Dark Age policies are enacted a "Heroic Age could come about, delivering three of these Golden Age Dedication Bonuses, triggering an effective triple Golden age.

Dark Ages will be a point of weakness for your empire, allowing cities to become independent or become a part of a rival empire if loyalty is not maintained, though these factors could be used to your advantage is another player is experiencing a Dark Age.  



Rise and Fall will also change the way alliances work in the game, allowing more advantages to come from these agreements, instead of merely acting as a non-aggression pact. Alliances can now be focused on specific aspects Research, Military, Economic, Religion and Culture, giving players greater bonuses as an Alliance continues. This makes long-term diplomacy much more lucrative, though only one alliance of each type is possible at a time. 

This new expansion will also bring with it Emergency Situations, which trigger after major events occur within the game like the conversion of a Holy City to a new religion or the use of a nuclear weapon. Emergencies act as missions against specific targets, giving player permanent bonuses if the emergency objective is completed. These missions have time limits though, so if they are not finished in time the target of the mission will get the benefit instead.       

These design changes are set to create a more dynamic gameplay experience within Civilization VI, allowing empires to crumble due to a lack of loyalty or for enemies to ally against you in response to an emergency situation that you caused. 

Civilization VI's Rise and Fall expansion will be released on February 8th, 2018. 

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Most Recent Comments

28-11-2017, 13:12:17

I've been hesitant to pick up Civ VI because I've heard nothing but bad things about the AI, but this looks like a great expansion. Can't wait for the reviews.Quote

28-11-2017, 13:22:53

I'm a long time Civ fan, but I don't like 6. But maybe I just haven't given it enough time for the changes in pace to sink in. Much prefer 5.Quote

28-11-2017, 13:45:27

Sounds like a big update. To bad they are ruining the game with terrible dlcQuote

28-11-2017, 16:12:32

Having never done a civilization game in my life, I'm keeping an eye out on 5 and 6 and have them on my steam wishlist. This expansion sounds good in theory.Quote

28-11-2017, 16:30:46

Originally Posted by TheF34RChannel View Post
Having never done a civilization game in my life, I'm keeping an eye out on 5 and 6 and have them on my steam wishlist. This expansion sounds good in theory.
Get the gold edition for 5. It goes down to like $7 during the Winter sale. Or has for the past few years. Definitely worth it.

I haven't played much 6. Kinda boring and the DLC being crap and expensive doesn't help.

edit: Just looked on Steam.

$30? What a ripoff.Quote

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