Bioware has a new Dragon Age game in development

Bioware is working on an RPG!

Bioware has a new Dragon Age game in development

Bioware has a new Dragon Age game in development

When EA revealed that Bioware's next big project was Anthem, the hearts of many gamers were shattered. Bioware is mostly known for their RPGs, releasing titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Dragon Age.

Fans of the studio were disappointed that the Studio's next big game was going to be Anthem, a multiplayer-focused game that is more akin to Activision/Bungie's Destiny than a traditional RPG. While many are excited to see what direction the studio will take with Anthem, hardcore RPG fans will be delighted to hear that Bioware is working on a new Dragon Age title, though at this time it is unknown how long this title has been in development. 

Anthem is currently the title that is getting the most attention from Bioware, and as such it will undoubtedly release firs. Recent reports have stated that the game is likely to launch in early 2019, which means that the next Dragon Age game will not ready for quite some time.

Bioware has a new Dragon Age game in development

Judging from the reception Mass Effect: Andromeda received, which was developed by Bioware Montreal (not the main studio), it is likely that Bioware will be holding their cards close to their chest until the game is its later stages of development. This will help the game avoid the "overhype" that Mass Effect received and temper expectations to more reasonable levels. We should not expect trailers or other detailed information regarding the next Dragon Age game anytime soon.  

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Most Recent Comments

25-01-2018, 09:21:15

I hope they go back to their roots. Love these ones.Quote

25-01-2018, 16:27:58

I seriously need to look into this franchise, and this may be the title to start. Good news!Quote

25-01-2018, 16:41:14

No. EA has proven that they're not interested in creating games without microtransactions anymore. And their last two titles without microtransactions were both grindfests. Mass Effect Andromeda is basically Dragon Age Inquisition in space, and both games are a drag. Granted, DA:I had a good story, but it's an incredibly boring game regardless. Just filled to the brim with useless fetch quests along huge boring areas. And they were huge for no reason other than the fact that EA can say that their games are open world. It was obviously not what developers wanted to make. The most important design decisions came from people who know nothing about video games and what makes them fun.

Now add microtransactions to that mix. And not as an afterthought, but as an integral part of the experience. What do you think is gonna happen? The game will be designed to incentivize you to make in-game purchases to avoid grinding. How do we know? Well, people bought Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda. They were grindy and without microtransactions. EA knows that people will gladly pay to skip some of that grind. So instead of designing the game to be less grindy and more fun, they will absolutely just try to cash in on the grind. It's not a speculation, it's an educated guess based on years of their previous decisions.

So for the love of whatever you hold dear and sacred, stop buying EA games. Vote with your wallet. They will never change their terrible business practices if they don't feel the effect of their decisions on their bottom line.Quote

25-01-2018, 20:03:15

most likely this game will never be released, if bioware fails with anthem next year.Quote

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