Battlefield V is set to be revealed on May 23rd

A mystery wrapped in an easter egg wrapped in a enigma

Battlefield V is set to be revealed on May 23rd

Battlefield V is set to be revealed on May 23rd

EA has already spoken about their next Battlefield game in their financial earnings call, telling analysts very little aside from the fact that the game is in development. Most expected this new iteration of the series to be showcased at E3 2018 at EA's Press Conference, though it now appears as if the title will be unveiled at an earlier date. 

Some of Battlefield's most dedicated fans have managed to discover a teaser website for the next Battlefield game, finding an easter egg within Battlefield 1's Fort Vaux map where opening the door to a chamber where pipes can drip a message to players in morse code. When translated this code lead users to a Battlefield teaser website with the date May 23rd, the day where the next game in the series is set to be revealed.   

EA's CEO has recently stated that their next Battlefield game will bring "the intensity of combat to life in new and unexpected ways" and that the game will not abandon the series' "compelling single-player stories". 

Within the Battlefield teaser website, there is also a hidden timer which counts down to May 28th, another date there information about the next battlefield will likely become available. 


Battlefield V is set to be revealed on May 23rd  

Previous Battlefield rumours have suggested that the next game in the series will be set in World War II and will be released under the name Battlefield V, with some suggesting that Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale mode. I guess we will have to wait until May 23rd to see exactly what EA and DICE have in store for us. 

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Most Recent Comments

10-05-2018, 18:02:00

Hoping for a decent campaign - which was horrible in 1.Quote

10-05-2018, 19:12:05

Dark NighT
Originally Posted by TheF34RChannel View Post
Hoping for a decent campaign - which was horrible in 1.
I would suggest you not hope, this is EA, it will be microtransactions and lootbox nonsense all the way with a pathetic excuse for a story.Quote

11-05-2018, 11:40:27

I think BF1's campaign served its purpose well. BF campaigns should only ever act as a tutorial for the actual game, which has always been pure multiplayer focussed. Campaigns were only added to BF once the game gained ground on console due to the nature of that market.

For a "tutorial", BF1's campaign was thoroughly enjoyable, and the episodic nature helped keep it diverse. All I'd really ask for is a closer recreation of the MP experience and abit more in the region of replayability. Though I think a much better addition would be a more customisable arena style mode based more directly on the MP.

In terms of microtransactions, BF has never really had them(With "Quick unlocks" appearing on the market around a year or two after the games release being the closest thing I can remember on previous titles, and those were clearly meant for new players who didn't want to grind for things like the Jet's anti-missile flares, which are a necessity in late-game MP) and the mess that was BattleFront II has likely put EA off going too far.

Of course there's now battle crates too, but these are purely aesthetic gun skins and the like and you can get a huge collection of these quite quickly with pure playtime.Quote

11-05-2018, 12:45:54

I'd rather have a Bad Company 3...Quote

11-05-2018, 12:46:01

I reckons after the huge backlash with loot crates from Battlefront 2 even EA wouldnt be thats stupid to bring them in for the next Battlefield, i reckons there will be micro transactions, but hopefully they wont go any further than for cosmetic items, but as mentioned this is EAQuote

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