Two Youtubers have been fined in the UK for gambling offences

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Two Youtubers have been fined in the UK for gambling offences

Two Youtubers have been fined in the UK for gambling offences

Back in September 2016, Two UK YouTubers, Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby, were charged with promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling. Today both YouTubers have pleaded guilty and have been fined for offences that include the facilitating illegal gambling and the advertising unlawful gambling.
This is the first prosecution involving betting/gambling on/using video games, with the Gambling Commission being expected to bring more cases to court over the coming months. Right now the Global gambling market on video games is thought to be worth around £4 billion, with the majority of these operations being illegal.  

Craig Douglas created Fifa based gaming videos under the name Nepenthez, with Dylan Rigby working on the now deactivated FUTgalaxy YouTube channel. Both men are from Essex and Douglas has been charged with inviting children to gamble in addition to advertising illegal gambling websites. 

Both YouTubers operated a website called FUT Galaxy which uses FIFA coins as a medium of currency for illegal gambling on sports and other events, with this currency being tradable on the black market for real currency (like poker chips). 

Craig Douglas has now been fined £91,000 and Dylan Rigby has been fined £164,000, with neither party facing jail time for their offences. 


  Two UK YouTubers have been charged under the Gambling Act

(Craig Douglas, known as Nepenthez online)  


This will likely be the first of many cases that will target those who operate illegal gambling websites who use virtual currency as a medium of exchange, with future court cases targeting those who use Team Fortress 2, CSGO and other game items or premium currencies to facilitate illegal gambling.  


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Most Recent Comments

07-02-2017, 08:57:24

Good. hope it brings about more of these.Quote

07-02-2017, 10:24:37

Good, I hope more countries follow suit especially against people who advertise it to minors.

And their website now just shows "This page is not available in your country." what a surpriseQuote

11-02-2017, 13:30:13

So it's ok to create coins out of 'nothing' and sell them to kids, but not to gamble with them? What a ed up world we like in.Quote

11-02-2017, 14:30:51

Should ban him from YT too while they are at it. That'll really sting.Quote

11-02-2017, 14:57:06

Originally Posted by gijoe50000 View Post
So it's ok to create coins out of 'nothing' and sell them to kids, but not to gamble with them? What a ed up world we like in.
We live in a world where companies make drugs not to cure the sick but to generate profits, where providing a medicine to treat the symptoms of chronic illness rather than the source for a permanent fix.

We live in a world where our leaders breed conflict/division, gerrymander voting boundaries and create systems where re-election prospects can't be higher, but public approval can't get much lower.

We live in a world where problems of housing and famine are fixable, but society is not willing to give to those on the bottom and instead joys itself in hoarding riches and increasing the power of the 1%.

This world has never had its priorities straight, it is indeed "f'd up" as you said. TBH advertising gambling to minors should be punishable by more than just a fine.Quote

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