OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers

Youtube Gems

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers

Some Youtube Gems

We've never been the kind of team that pretends to be all serious and studious. We're passionate, but this should be fun. If we wanted to be in an industry that squeezed all the fun out of life we'd be politicians or, horror of horrors, work for the print media.

To that end we consider you all related to the OC3D family. We're the brothers, our forum members and Youtube subscribers are our cousins, our dear readers are Aunties and Uncles, and even you, if you're here for the first time wondering what all the fuss is about, are welcome to grab a drink and join in the dancing. Just be careful of Grandma's hip. So as you're family we know you don't mind a little bit of silliness. So we bring you a short history of Tom's Youtube Exploits.

We said that there were humble beginnings, and what's more humble than learning how to light, in a shed, on a cheap camera with dodgy sound? It's not even in widescreen. If these early efforts were any older they'd have come with a pianist and some title cards.

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

We quickly moved away from the shed to our current offices, and as a present Tom was allowed to be surrounded by high end hardware and enjoy the attentions of the lady who burst from the cake. She left such an impression upon him that, as you can see, even weeks later he was still imagining cupping her breasts.

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

But it hasn't all been dimly lit sheds and imaginary breasts. No siree. There have been some deeply serious moments such as the Halloween edition of the Bitfenix Colossus review, and that time when Tom was held prisoner and so we had to employ a stand-in who didn't quite understand the 100% kick ass nature of our show.

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

Even I, your current storyteller, was fortunate enough to receive an outstanding TTL system. Here you can see the moment when Tom has a vision of the future courier mishandling that meant the Bengal rig would never look more beautiful than it is here. You have all benefited too as, with our partners and sponsors, we've been able to bring you endless competitions offering everything from t-shirts to entire systems. 

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

Here you can see Tom enjoying the aftermath of another OC3D review that told the truth rather than toeing the party line and the many fun conference calls that it caused. But raise your own glass both in memory of Mrs Logan whose sad passing was the catalyst that allowed us to bring you so much, and to the 80,000 Subscribers who are kind enough to allow us to fill their feed up with our thoughts on the hardware industry.

Just be careful not to forget the glass is on your chair when you sit down.

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers

As ever you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

15-10-2013, 04:21:55

Great! Quote

15-10-2013, 04:52:32

Long Live OC3D & TTLQuote

15-10-2013, 04:57:06

Now on the way to 90k


15-10-2013, 05:08:30

good stuffQuote

15-10-2013, 05:10:47

I must say that it's a strange sensation that we are celebrating the 80K viewers and the massive joy that is our family OC3D, but at the same time the poiniant sadness as well at the passing of Tom's mum that was the start of all that is now OC3D.
Here's to the next 80K and long life to OC3D and to the memory of the lost and loved but not forgotten.Quote

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