OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers

A History Lesson

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers

Story Time

The history of OC3D is storied, with many tales of daring adventures, truly epic coffee consumption, late night deadlines and the occasional controversy. 

Now gather round children, because today we're going to be focussing on a specific member of the OC3D family, the man that brought many of you here and, with the aid of some sturdy rope and a cattle prod, keeps many of you here, TinyTomLogan. Why exactly are we focussing upon Tom today you may ask. Well there are two big events that have tied together nicely and made for the perfect opportunity to tell you a story.

We have to start with the sad part of the tale, and yet one that has also become inspiring. Time To Live Customs was created in tribute to Tom's Mum after her desperately sad passing six years ago, this Wednesday (the 16th). The loss of any loved one is always hard, but to lose someone who is such a vital part of our lives, and so young, would be enough to destroy many men. Wisely Tom decided that it was Time To Live, and thus to direct his energies towards his true passion. No not women and beer. Hardware.

From humble beginnings TTL was instantly a Custom PC company which pushed the boundaries of what should be possible and, as we'll see later, eventually the Youtube channel and then eventually his role as OC3D Oberführer. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Yes, dear readers, this inconspicuous shed in Southern England was the womb from which TTL was born. Long time subscribers will recognise the inside as the backdrop for many Youtube videos.

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

So what exactly made TTL special? When it was started the most customisable case was always a Lian Li. This was back in the days when companies hardly bothered with watercooling options or, heaven forbid, providing radiator support out of the box. Thus fan holes were needed. Because of the light aluminium construction the majority of people were just cutting a large rectangle hole in the roof for the fans, and then using a off the shelf bolt on fan grill. Trying something more complicated with a laser just buckled the metal because of the heat created when cutting. So Tom realised this and went to a water cutting firm with a loads of designs and managed to integrate the grill directly into the roof with some seriously cool designs.

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

We think you'll all agree that this is a big step up from the simplicity of a jigsaw cut hole and an off the shelf grill! That swirly grill was first cut by Tom in 2008, if you look a certain famous modder called Bill thats Owns his own company may have borrowed that design since!

OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers     OC3D.tv hits 80K Subscribers  

With creativity and a passion for the industry, Tom was quickly brought into the fold here at OC3D and we expanded into our first few videos. To say that the snowball effect took hold would be to underestimate the speed with which the OC3D.tv arm of our operations exploded. That nicely brings us to the second of the reasons for our little celebration.

We have just passed 80,000 subscribers. For an independent website not backed by the bland corporate monster of the publishing houses, that focusses upon the enthusiast end of the technology spectrum, we think that's worthy of balloons and a celebratory slap up meal and Mrs Miggins' Pie Shop. Its also worth noting for all of the UK review sites no matter how big or small OC3D.tv is #1 in the UK and high up in the top 10 world wide.

Introducing me to the team was one of the first things Tom did with his new found powers, and we made sure that we brought you full coverage of every hardware development. Whether you preferred the more studious written side, or the more irreverent video offerings, you know that OC3D has you covered. It wasn't always the slick production it is now though. If you've never taken a moment to delve deep into the history of our Youtube Channel, you should do. After all you might be missing some real gems.

What do you mean you don't believe me? To the next page!

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15-10-2013, 04:21:55

Great! Quote

15-10-2013, 04:52:32

Long Live OC3D & TTLQuote

15-10-2013, 04:57:06

Now on the way to 90k


15-10-2013, 05:08:30

good stuffQuote

15-10-2013, 05:10:47

I must say that it's a strange sensation that we are celebrating the 80K viewers and the massive joy that is our family OC3D, but at the same time the poiniant sadness as well at the passing of Tom's mum that was the start of all that is now OC3D.
Here's to the next 80K and long life to OC3D and to the memory of the lost and loved but not forgotten.Quote

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