Modding Log - markkleb's "Project Crossflo"

Upper Case Construction, Fan Mod & Final Images

The top half

Now to make the top shell. This one is a little harder as it needs to match the width of the bottom . I measured and bent the perforated metal over the edge of my desk.

bent top

The sides need to be longer so there can be tabs that fit into the bottom piece of the case to lock them together.

tabs for join

Now I just need to figure where the I/O plate is and the exhaust for the video card will be. Out comes the Dremel and Voila..

graphics card hole

Cut the holes small and then trim/file to fit.

graphics card rear II

For painting I used a self etching primer (sticks better) than a few coats of Dupli-Color Metalcast Red Anodized. After drying a few coats of clear should help out.

Now to install the GPU and chipset cooler. It seems to me that if I mount the Thermalright hr-05 chipset cooler like this I can use a 80mm fan in the back side of the case to supply cool fresh air to cool it off and than on to the 8800GTS to act as a intake for it as well

gfx and nb cooler

Now on to the iMON. It's a 2 line VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) that can show you info from the internet as well as be a spectrum analyzer. It allows all the computers functions (including ON/Off) to be remote control. To mount the iMON I cut a piece of threaded rod and attached it to one of the unused holes in the Apogee CPU block.

imon front

imon rear

Making the fan

I am trying to clean up the case as much as possible so the elimination of screws is important. I have always felt 4 screws to hold the fan and grill was just too much. Here is what I started with, typical 120 and 80mm fans.

stock fan

I get out my trusty dremel and cut away everything that's not round.

cutting fan

Than on to the belt sander to smooth it out.

belt sanded fan

Throw on a little Bondo (body filler) and sand it down spray a little primer and VOILA no more mounts.

finished fan

To mount its so easy just cut a hole in the metal, add a little rubber moulding and push it in.

fan in hole fan in hole

Front Panel

Now I have a frame I line the edges of the metal with a rubber strip. I cut a piece of Smoke plastic to fit tightly. Than its just a matter of cutting the hole for the fan, Voltage controls and a slot for the DVD to pass through.

front panel

Rear Panel

The rear panel is the same as the front except for the 80mm SilenX fan and on/off button.

rear panel

rear panel II

To finish this off I had to have a matching keyboard!

matching keyboard

A couple more finished shots:

finished front finished tope view

I really had a great time building this comp and had some luck at the PDXLAN 9 mod contest sponsored by CPU magazine.. (took second place)

fiished inside finished inside 2

finished case imon

top5 pdxlan

Thanks to Mark for writing the article.


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Most Recent Comments

08-03-2007, 08:02:26

ooo definately better having it there, will attract more attention aswell i expect

a great read, cheers matt/mark

ps. matt, remember the forum link at the endQuote

08-03-2007, 08:11:23

Nice article

Can see someone trying to open their PSU without reading your warning and blowing themselves up tho.Quote

08-03-2007, 08:22:18

Basically: unlucky if they do.

It's not a guide or anything (which we would have even more of a disclaimer on) so tough Quote

08-03-2007, 09:14:57

Mr. Smith
Nice bit of exposure for Mr. Klebofski and a decent insight into modding...

Could there be more of this type of article in the future, leaning more towards the 'how to'?Quote

08-03-2007, 09:36:45

Well yes I was planning on getting a few people to do the same thing as Mark

As far as guides are concerned we do have a fair few, but if we get time then we could perhaps do some more.Quote

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