Introducing OC3D AfterShocks to the Forums!

OC3D's new gaming team has hit the forums!

  1. Introducing OC3D Aftershocks to the Forums!


Today marks the introduction of OC3D AfterShocks to the forum at large, and it must be said that we're ecstatic to see these guys here. OC3D AfterShocks is the lovechild of Team AfterShocks, a group of laid back gamers who just enjoying gaming for what it is, and the OC3D forums, which should need no introduction. 

We've been seeing a few of the Forum members try to actively coordinate gaming sessions, groups, and clans, but things have just been turned up a notch. With OC3D AfterShocks there is no skill level you must meet, as that's not what the team's about - it's all about kicking back and enjoying yourself, whilst being part of a greater community. 

At OC3D AfterShocks we pride ourselves on being a friendly community. This is the reason why we do not have an overall leader. We're run by every member who has an equal say in all things we do (or don't!).

So, are you looking to join a friendly, laid back gaming team who share similar interests, don't take things too seriously, and love to have a good time? If so, OC3D AfterShocks should be just the place for you. 
The games that are frequented most by the current members are Battlefield 3, Planetside 2, and Day Z, but that is far from the extent of what the team gets up to. Other games are constantly being played by members and it's not uncommon to see older games to be dug up for a friendly gaming session down memory lane. 

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to OC3D AfterShocks Head of Departments CptBlobs to gain a greater understanding on the history and mindset of the gaming team, so here it goes:

Tell me about how AfterShocks first started. What were the most popular games at the time and, near its inception, how many people did you have playing with you?

We were formed just over three years ago with the aim of providing a mature, and friendly, place for gamers to enjoy their gaming. We have steadily increased our player-base in these three years playing, and providing servers on, such games as the Battlefield and Call of Duty series, plus many others too numerous too mention here.

How did OC3D first enquire about your team, and what was it that made you think, 'this is a good place for us to settle,'?
A short time ago we were approached by TTL and Sub to help them form an OC3D gaming community. We were only too willing to accept this offer considering the enormous potential of a very popular website and a large gaming community.

Are you hoping that your new presence on the forums shall create a new interest in gaming from the original OC3D forum members, and are you looking forward to gaining new recruits?
As well as bringing our existing player-base across, we would like as many OC3D forum members to join us in this venture as possible.

What would be your number one recommendation for someone who wants to play games with you guys but they don't think they're skilled enough?
Even though we will be running certain competitive teams within OC3D AfterShocks, we have never been a community based on gaming ability but rather on enjoyment regardless of skill level. As such, any and all members that want to join should apply as soon as possible, as we look forward to meeting you on your battlefield of choice! 



If you've read this far and you're still not convinced that the team would be the right place for you, we urge you to spend some time reading through the OC3D AfterShocks sub forum and mingle with the other members. We're sure that after a little time you'll realise what that the existing AfterShocks members are about as friendly and welcoming as you could ever wish for, and they're all excited over the prospect of gaining you as a member of their ranks!

If you're wanting to apply to become a recruit of the team please visit this thread which walks you through what needs to be done.
Still asking questions about the team? Visit this FAQ to see if your question's been answered.
Wanting to know which member is doing what within the team? Check out this thread which explains how the OC3D AfterShocks community works.
Just about to send your application on? Firstly, hooray! We hope that you enjoy your gaming experience with the rest of the team. Secondly, we must urge you to read through the team's Code of Conduct before you go any further.

Well then? What are you waiting for?! This is an opportunity to combine two great communities together to create an unstoppable gaming force like the world has never seen, so get your applications posted as soon as possible.
We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield! 

Want to discuss this further? Leave a comment on the OC3D AfterShocks Forum thread, here. 


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Most Recent Comments

22-05-2013, 14:48:30

Welcome Aftershocks! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
Can't wait to have my new rig soon and gaming with OC3D
Will you guys be playing LoL?Quote

22-05-2013, 14:59:09

were always playing Quote

22-05-2013, 15:00:22

*wipes brow* Finally got it done!

Welcome guysQuote

22-05-2013, 15:03:41

Welcome to the pleasure dome boys and girls.

Please remember dont feed the animals!Quote

22-05-2013, 15:08:47

Good job guys!Quote

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