FredEx's Competition Rig Update

FredEx's Competition Build

  FredEx Competition Rig Update

FredEx - 4th Prize Competition Winner

As most will remember, we at OC3D hosted one of our largest competitions yet back in late December, giving entrants the chance to win one of four prizes. Four lucky members were picked at random from the tens of thousands of entries, and one of them was FredEx.

Let us remember how this all started: The Custom Corsair Christmas Competition. Fred, a new member to the site, bagged himself the Intel i5-3570K - a prize that anyone would have been happy with receiving, and a prize that he was ecstatic about. With the winners announced it was soon apparent that the chip alone was not all that much good to Fred, as his aged system wouldn't take it, and the winnings would force him to spend on an entire new rig. Not only that, but it came to the forum's attention that Fred was one of the nicest guys you could meet, and also one of the most deserving. A carer for his elderly mother and with his own medical issues to contend with, Fred has never been anything but a kind, easy to get along with dude who's always happy to try and help where he can. With these things brought to our attention, we thought that we should try to bolster his prize up some more so Fred, who thought he'd won himself an Intel 3570K, was instead in for a greater surprise..... An entire rig, built at TTL Towers and shipped over to the States courtesy of Corsair, who paid for all transport costs!

The Corsair C70 was chosen for its rugged, military design, great layout and ample cable management. It's a case that we regard highly at OC3D and it's the perfect housing for Fred's new rig. We used the Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H for the motherboard due to its reliability and its capability to effortlessly provide a modest overclock for the 3570K. The 560Ti 448 Core is still a cracking card capable of maxing out most games even now. It's a hugely popular choice amongst Folders for its high PPD to power ratio too. The boot drive had to be snappy, responsive, and it had to look good. Roll on out the Force GT from Corsair, another recipient of our Gold award. At 60GB the drive shall be enough for his OS and perhaps a few of his favourite games and programs, and is fast enough to keep up with the nippy 3570K in OS-related tasks. For the memory we chose an all time classic, the 1600MHz Vengeance set from Corsair, a huge step up from the DDR2 kit that Fred was rocking before.
We picked the Corsair CX500M for its modular design, decent efficiency and reliable history. At 500W it's the perfect match for the new rig. The Corsair H60 was selected for it's good performance, clean aesthetics, and its small block size - all the better to show off the motherboard and RAM. Now sure these were a mix of new kit from the two companies and ex-review kit we had here but we were certain FredEx wouldn't mind if some of the kit wasn't fresh from the packaging!

His old rig was getting on in life and he was hoping that this year would be the year he could devote some time, effort, and money into a new rig.

The old rig: 


AMD 6000+ X2
Brown Box 6870 1GB
360GB Seagate 7200 rpm
500GB Western Digital 7200 rpm
Scavenged COMPAC case
Antec 500 Watt PSU

 FredEx Competition Rig Update

FredEx Competition Rig Update

FredEx Competition Rig Update


The prize rig:

Intel i5-3570K (Original Compo Prize)
Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
Gigabyte GTX560Ti 448 Core
Corsair H60
Corsair Vengeance C70
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 2133MHz
Corsair Force GT 60GB
Corsair CX500M
Corsair SP & AF fans


FredEx's Competition Rig Update

Just been delivered to Fred. 


FredEx's Competition Rig Update

Opening the box - First look at the beast. The Corsair C70 is one of our favourite cases, and in it's military-esque green it's set to wage war with whatever Fred can chuck at it!


FredEx's Competition Rig Update

Open for all to see - here we can see that the case is rather a big one, simply dwarfing the ATX motherboard that it supports.
All this space paired with ample cable tidying allows us to create a clean, tidy build with next to no effort.


FredEx's Competition Rig Update

The simple, classy looks of the H60i really help to make this a great looking build, whilst also drawing attention to the RAM sticks.


FredEx's Competition Rig Update

Another favourite with us, the lightning quick Corsair Force GT, is to be the boot drive of the system, enabling the rig to boot up in next to no time at all whilst using less power and no noise!

FredEx's Competition Rig Update


FredEx's Competition Rig Update 

Battle scars from transit. This is a military themed case after all!
Fred agrees that the knocks from its intercontinental trip only gives the case more character - here here!


FredEx's Competition Rig Update

Fred's new desk setup! A far cry from his old OEM Compaq case, the C70 proudly resides in its new home. 

This whole project, starting from when Fred was first announced as a winner of the competition, has got huge feedback from the other members of the forum, who continue to shower him with congratulations. This positive feedback is a great sign that we've made the right choice in helping Fred out here, as no one seems to have anything but good things to say.  

This is an example of what a great community we're a part of, and also a great demonstration on why everyone should take part in the competitions when possible! We as a team here at OC3D but also as a community truly believe that this prize could not have gone to a more deserving member, and look forward to hearing more from FredEx's new experiences with his new Corsair and Gigabyte system!

All of the team at OC3D, the forum members and FredEx would like to say a huge thank you to the support from Gigabyte with the motherboard but also to Corsair for going above and beyond but not only supplying kit but also for picking up the shipping tab to the USA.

Want to discuss this awesome topic futher, maybe congratulate FredEx or comment on how awesome Corsair and Gigabyte have been? Well feel free to discuss in in the OC3D Forum thread here. 

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Most Recent Comments

14-03-2013, 14:52:19

Very decent of you Tom and should be an epic upgrade Quote

14-03-2013, 14:55:52

That's absolutely amazing Tom!
Good to see this, makes me feel my faith in humanity is not entirely lost Quote

14-03-2013, 14:58:10

This is the first FredEx will know of it too...........Quote

14-03-2013, 15:00:59

This is really nice to see, awesome of you Tom. And also Corsiar and Gigabyte

Over the time he has been a member I have gotten to know FredEx a little and he genuinely seems like a lovely guy who really deserves something like this

This is the kind of time when I am honestly proud ot be a member of this forum.Quote

14-03-2013, 15:02:30

good guy Tom
really nice of you
he really deserves thisQuote

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