ASA clamps down on Broadband Speed claims in ads

Broadband providers must now abandon misleading broadband speed ads

ASA Clamps down on Broadband Speed claims in ads

ASA clamps down on Broadband Speed claims in ads

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a self-regulating organisation for the UK's advertising industry, has announced major changes to the ways that internet service providers can now advertise the speed of their services.   

Before now, Broadband providers have been using what they call the 10% rule to create the "up to" speeds seen in advertisements, showcasing speeds that around 90% of users will be unable to achieve at peak times. Now the ASA has stepped in to prevent such a practice being used moving forward, setting guidelines that will force ISPs to use "average speeds" moving forward. 

This change will come into effect on the 23rd of March 2018, forcing broadband providers to advertise a speed that 50% of their userbase can achieve at peak times, providing a more accurate representation of what users can expect to receive. This change will remove the confusion that surrounds today's "up to" speed claims.  

    Numerical speed claims in broadband ads should be based on the download speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time and described in ads as “average”. This marks a change from the current position that advertised “up to” speeds should be available to at least 10% of customers. We also recommend that speed-checking facilities, for example those provided on internet service providers’ (ISPs’) websites, should be promoted in ads wherever possible.

This change will force ISPs to deliver honest advertisements and encourage ISPs to improve the speed of services in lower-speed areas of the country in order to improve their average. With the 10% rule, the focus was to improve services for areas that already offer higher-speed internet, leaving certain areas behind when it comes to infrastructure upgrades. 

Those who are interested in further details about the ASA's new Broadband speed guidelines can read their official guidelines here. Additional information on the ASA's research and responses to their industry consultations can be found here


ASA Clamps down on Broadband Speed claims in ads

 (Right now broadband speeds are advertised with an "up to" speed that only 10% of users achieve)

These changes can be seen as a consumer victory, offering more honest advertisements and a less confusing broadband ecosystem. Today's "up to" speed claims are incredibly misleading, especially for those who live in rural areas. 

You can join the discussion on the ASA's work to create more honest broadband advertisements on the OC3D Forums

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23-11-2017, 13:04:42

To bad the US doesn't have thisQuote

23-11-2017, 14:23:43

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
To bad the US doesn't have this
And we definitely won't get it, or something similar, with the current administration.Quote

23-11-2017, 15:17:49

Originally Posted by Kourgath223 View Post
And we definitely won't get it, or something similar, with the current administration.
FCC is full of morons who probably have financial interests in some internet stock. Their dumb defintion of broadband is 24Mb/s. Barely anything!
Only one afaik is halfway decent.Quote

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