Quantum Hogwash: The £283 USB stick that offers "protection" from 5G

Don't buy this product...

Quantum Hogwash: The £283 USB stick that offers

Quantum Hogwash: The £283 USB stick that offers "protection" from 5G

5G scaremongering has been at the core of conspiracy theories for a while now, be it for mind control, assisting the spread of coronavirus, or cancer-related health concerns. Now, companies like 5GBioShield are jumping on this wave of disinformation to profit from the fearful masses by selling "full-spectrum protection" with a £283 USB stick. 

Let's get straight to the point here, BioShield Distribution's "5GBioShield Key" doesn't work. With a sales price of £283 (or £795 for three), consumers will get a pen drive that's worth less than £5 from Asian resellers. Just look at this nigh-identical USB drive from Hong Kong, a £4.77 unit which features the same design and colour options. The only thing that the BioShield Distribution "5GBioShield Key" also offers is an extra sticker, an added holographic logo and a wealth of unproven promises. 

The BBC has written a lengthy report on the 5GBioShield, from which the product's creators failed to provide any real information about their USB Keys. It was claimed that they couldn't disclose "sensitive information" to 3rd parties" and that the BBC's teardown of their product was not to be taken "seriously" as the BBC has not "researched the background facts in any meaningful way".

For context, the BBC contacted Pen Test Partners, a company which has released its own review of the 5GBioShield, confirming that the device is nothing more than a cheap USB stuck. It's a 128MB USB pen drive which seemingly offers nothing to protect users from 5G. Here's what they had to say on the matter. 

    In our opinion the 5G Bioshield is nothing more than a £5 USB key with a sticker on it. Whether or not the sticker provides £300 pounds worth of quantum holographic catalyzer technology we’ll leave you to decide.

We do not believe this product should be promoted by publicly-funded bodies until a full, independent, peer-reviewed scientific study has been undertaken on its effectiveness. We think trading standards bodies should investigate this product.


Quantum Hogwash: The £283 USB stick that offers  

Looking at 5GBioshield's website, their discussion of the USB stick's capabilities are exceptionally unclear, promising a protective radius of 8 or 40m radius, a stupidly large margin of error. The website also contains lots of techno-gibberish about "quantum holographic catalyser technology" the "the balance and harmonisation of the harmful effects of imbalanced electric radiation" and "first to market full-spectrum protection". 

Don't worry; the 5GBioshield device also promises "remediation from all harmful radiation, electro-smog & biohazard pollution". Yeah, we agree with Pen Test Partners when they say that "trading standards bodies should investigate this product".

Quantum Hogwash: The £283 USB stick that offers  

Don't buy this product, don't let anyone you know buy this product and point them to the research of organisations like Ofcom to help clear up their confusion about 5G and its many myths. 

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Most Recent Comments

28-05-2020, 15:31:00

Proprietary holographic nano-layer catalyst technology

HA! It's as if they just chose some large words to fool people with.. wait, isn't that marketing as a whole? Quote

28-05-2020, 16:36:10

Hahahaha. It has earned a dedicated spot in the News section.Quote

28-05-2020, 17:05:45

I bet it doesn't even disrupt signals

Someone should buy it and test it for the lulzQuote

28-05-2020, 23:30:21

Full spectrum... i wonder if they know what that means?
Technically it would stop visible light if that were trueQuote

29-05-2020, 02:12:57

A fool and his money is easily parted.Quote

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