One Cable That Can Do Anything?

One Cable That Can Do Anything?

One Cable That Can Do Anything?

TOB, The One Cable That Can Do Anything?  


While browsing through Kickstarter today there was one piece of kit that caught my eye, that device was the TOB Cable, a cable that claimed that it could be used for anything. With that kind of heading I was no doubt intrigued and upon clicking I found a cable that I could easily find myself carrying in the future.

Have a quick look at their Kickstarter Video, which is embedded below.



"By combining the latest advances in fiber optic and electronic technology we have created one of the most exciting cable out there. And it has a specially designed connector that snaps to various adapters.

Our vision for the TOB cable was to create a cable that uses all the best of today’s technology and works with all your gadgets and has the capabilities to evolve with the future advances."


One Cable That Can Do Anything?


This cable will be exceptionally useful for those who travel, or those who simply want a tidy drawer with a single cable inside rather than a tangle of multiple, incompatible cables.

One other useful feature of this cable is the fact that it can be easily removed from it's connector, so there will be no more problems with cables wearing and breaking where it connects to the output. There is a picture of the cable being removed below. 


TOB protects your computer and gadgets if the cable is accidentally tugged on.


Below is what Janulus, the company that plan on making this cable have a large number of outputs planned for the cable, from USB, USB Micro and Mini, HDMI, Audio and Lightning, with many other outputs planned for the future. One output I would like to see personally is Display Port.



The Kickstarter asks users to pay $65, which includes Worldwide shipping for one of the TOB cables (1.5m in length) and all of the available adapters. The price goes up as you purchase more cables or the length of the cables increase.

To learn more about Janulus and the TOB Cable on their Kickstarter page here, it has already reached it's goal of $20,000 and at the time of writing is about to reach $30,000.


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Most Recent Comments

20-02-2015, 15:15:40

That braid looks sweet!Quote

20-02-2015, 18:23:29

I'd like to know the max bandwidth of the cable itself and all that other spazz. Sure it may be able to transfer video but if it doesn't support a wide range of colors or something of the sort, quality lowers.

Cool idea though. Wish they would come with a lot of extra's for usb for example. Otherwise you would need to keep taking the whole thing out, including the usb part itself to move it to say another pc.Quote

20-02-2015, 20:52:50

Nice idea, but not for me.

If my dog didn't constantly pester me for food and attention, I'd forget I even have a dog.

If my wife didn't insist this was her house too, I'd forget I was even married.

I would loose my family jewels if they weren't attached.

I'd either find all the adapters, but not the wire, or I'd have the wire and only 1 of the two ends I required.Quote

21-02-2015, 06:05:41

Nice idea, but not practical unless you want to keep it in your 'PC fixing bag'.

It's probably a lot cheaper to buy an HDMI only cable if you want to hook up your monitor to your computer, or an audio only cable. You're not going to buy this cable for a lot more, use the HDMI connectors and keep the rest somewhere in 'storage' only to be forgotten about.Quote

21-02-2015, 07:39:13

I like it, seems like it would be more useful to people who carry a lot of portable devices and need the different types of connectivity on the go than anything else though. For home use you are better off with dedicated cables, but having one of these spare around the house could be useful.Quote

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