Gigabyte Force K7 Review

How much of a keyboard can 33 quid buy you?

Gigabyte Force K7


Making a decision about what keyboard to buy is always tricky. We all have our favourite types of keys; some people refuse to type on anything that isn’t mechanical, whilst others can’t stand the sound of mechanical keys and so will only use a membrane, or scissor keyboards (the keyboards commonly found in laptops).

The Gigabyte Force K7 keyboard is a scissor type membrane keyboard, which employs an ultra short key travel design. A lot of the choice when it comes to keyboards is down to personal preference which often makes it difficult to recommend a product to the gaming market as a whole. However, at £33, the Gigabyte K7 isn’t intending to compete with the highest end mechanical keyboards and for a membrane keyboard, we think this is great value for money.



Switch TypeScissor
Switch Life5 million times
Key ProfileUltra-slim
Travel Distance3.0+/-0.2mm
Activation Distance1.9+/-0.05mm
Peak Force55g ±10%
Dimension480(L)* 195(W)*26.5(H) mm
Cable Length1.8m nylon braided cord
OS SupportWindows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8
CertificateCE, FCC, BSMI, KCC



Are you going to choose the Gigabyte K7 over a mechanical keyboard if the latter is in budget? Probably not. However, this isn’t intending to take customers away from their £100 keyboards. The K7 is for the users who want to enjoy the games that they play, without having to spend the ends of the earth on a keyboard. Of course, some users feel the necessity for every keystroke they make to be faster than their opponent’s. If this is the case for you, not much is going to lure you away from the latest mechanical keyboard. For the average user on the other hand who wants a great gaming keyboard at an incredible price, the Gigabyte K7 flourishes.

The K7 still does have anti-ghosting around the QWASD, shift and space keys, meaning in games, all of these seven keys can be pressed simultaneously without interfering with each other. We wouldn’t usually expect to see features such as this in membrane keyboards at all, let alone keyboards as cheap as this!

Another great feature of the K7 is the backlighting ability. It offers blue, green and cyan, and also allows you to cycle through intensity of each of these with one of two cleverly implemented scroll wheels. Usually, we wouldn’t expect to see backlighting at all on a keyboard as cheap as this, let alone a choice of three different colours! We would have liked the option of red backlighting too, however at only £33 we can’t complain too much about that. The second scroll wheel is for controlling the volume. Features like this are common among keyboards of this price, however, it’s a great addition to have a smooth scrolling wheel rather than a cumbersome button that we see on most other keyboards at this price.

As you’d expect, the K7 also offers media keys on the function keys. It would have been nice to have seen dedicated media buttons, but we do think that additional buttons would have spoiled the overall sleek look of the keyboard, and for buttons that you rarely use anyway, this isn’t much of an issue for us. It’s also nice to see social media keys on the function lines, with dedicated buttons to open Facebook and Google straight from a key press.

Overall, the K7 looks great. The matte black finish, backlighting and 1.8 metre braided cable are great touches to a keyboard of this price. As I personally spend my days typing on a mechanical keyboard, and for a membrane keyboard, this actually does feel really nice. The keys are easy to press down, and the scissor style keys give a good amount of feedback which adds even more of a luxurious feel to the Gigabyte K7.

We think this is amazing value at only £33, and so we’ve awarded it the OC3D Value for Money award.


Thanks to Gigabyte for sending the K7 in for review, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

26-11-2013, 10:40:52

This has a lot features and looks well built for that price .Quote

26-11-2013, 11:04:59

Looks incredible for the money!Quote

26-11-2013, 11:49:46

This is looking a pretty nice keyboard, the thing I personally don't like about it is that
- There is no slash key next to left shift
- Half size back space key.

but then at £30 it's still a great product. if they do a revision of it with the above...... I'd jump at getting one.Quote

27-11-2013, 17:44:54

This keyboard is great to replace my g/f's ty $10,- keyboard she has
I bet think the blue will match her caselighting pretty well to!


28-11-2013, 10:51:42

Any links to the store offering it for £33? My google-fu has failed me and I can only find it on amazon at £40 Quote

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