Corsair K60 - TTL Edition

Corsair K60 - TTL Edition

Corsair K60 - TTL Edition  


Boredom is a terrible thing, sometimes it is caused by having nothing to do, lack of imagination or in our case this weekend too much to do but we didn't really want to do any more of it. Glancing around the office in desperation because Sunday night TV can generally only be endured if you are still recovering from Saturday night our eyes fell upon the Corsair K90 that we use on our 2011 test bench. We had considered some time ago about bastardising the K90 and K60 to make our very own K60 TTL Edition that lit up some months ago. Problem was Corsair assured us it wasn't possible and that the two keyboards were too different to make it work.

Thing was this weekend it just seemed like a good idea to try, oh boy were we glad we did because the end product although very simple and subtle we have absolutely fell in love with. It would take far too long to write a complete guide and due to the fact we assumed it wouldn't work we didn't take photos of us ripping apart two keyboards in fear of us having to bin them both at the end!

The basic's of it is:

Take one K90 and strip it all down.

Take one K60 and strip it down.

Place K90 top on K60 base.

Place K60 top on K90 base.

Assemble both keyboards back together and confuse your friends.

You do have to make some tweaks to the plastic on the K60 base but with time patience and a gallon of coffee it is indeed possible! The reason why we have decided to post about this on the front page is Corsair would like your feedback, if you think this is a good idea they may actually put this into production and create a K60 that lights up (our money is on K70 but K75 wouldn't be a bad bet either)

Anyways heres a look at some mad man with a hair drier and what few photos we managed to get, followed by another mad man in a video!

Corsair K60 - TTL Edition     Corsair K60 - TTL Edition  


Corsair K60 - TTL Edition     Corsair K60 - TTL Edition  


Corsair K60 - TTL Edition     Corsair K60 - TTL Edition  

So if you like the idea of the K60 TTL Edition please do give us your feedback in the OC3D Forums!

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Most Recent Comments

29-10-2012, 11:37:48

Josh Weston
A K60 with backlighting is just what I want. Now, if only Corsair would start implementing this themselves.Quote

29-10-2012, 11:41:51

Not sure why you would want to do this. I would have been impressed if you had done this to a filco maybe. But Im guessing that the k60 uses the same pcb as the k90 with even the led terminal holes pre-drilled.Quote

29-10-2012, 11:45:26

I never use macros on my K90 - and I did just get it because; 1, my mouse was Corsair and I wanted things to match and 2, because I wanted LEDs - so if this was around I probably would have bought it. But I have no reason to change now.

There doesn't seem a massive price difference between the K60 and K90 either though. When I bought mine there was only a tenner between the two - and for that I can't see who would choose the K60 over the K90 tbh - considering the extra features you get on the K90.Quote

29-10-2012, 11:47:10

Corsiar, my money is waiting to be traded for this, Where do i register my interest? Quote

29-10-2012, 11:47:28

Dark NighT
I can see a lot of people buying the ttl version, especially if corsair put some rgb leds in them.Quote

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