Upgraded PS4 Specifications leaked - Upgrades CPU, GPU and RAM

Upgrades PS4 Specifications leaked - Upgrades CPU, GPU and RAM

Upgrades PS4 Specifications leaked - Upgrades CPU, GPU and RAM

Upgrades PS4 Specifications leaked - Upgrades CPU, GPU and RAM


Recent leaks now suggest that the upgraded PS4, codenamed Neo, will feature an upgraded CPU, GPU and RAM. Let's have a look at the leaked specifications. 

To start off with the PS4K, or whatever the updated PS4 will be called may simply be a new PS4 that can play 4K Blu-ray movies and contain HDMI 2.0 as a display output and contain mostly the same hardware, especially is the rumored $399 price tag is to be believed. 

Below are leaked specifications for the website GiantBomb, which claims that the PS4K, codenamed Neo will contain the same 8 Jaguar CPU cores with a clock speed boost of 0.5GHz and contain not only 2x the GPU Compute units but also use a newer version of AMD's GCN architecture and run at higher clock speeds of 911MHz.   


 Original PS4NEO
CPU8 Jaguar Cores at 1.6GHz8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1GHz
GPUAMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800MHzImproved AMD GCN, 36CU at 911MHz
Memory8GB GDDR5, 176GB/s8GB GDDR5, 218GB/s


Looking at these specifications we can see that the CPU portion of the PS4 Neo has a 30% boost in performance and the GPU has a double the GPU cores with almost a 14% overclock, which gives the PS4 Neo around 228% more GPU performance than the PS4, not accounting for any performance gains from using a new GPU architecture.

The updated PS4 will also use faster GDDR5 memory, giving the PS4 Neo around 23.8% more memory bandwidth. 

Even with these specifications the PS4K will not be a 4K capable console, it will merely be a console that will be able to deliver 1080p with enhanced framerates when compared to the original PS4. These images may be able to be upscaled to 4K and some non-demanding games may be able to run at 4K, but these specifications are still far from being able to run modern games at native 4K. 


  Upgrades PS4 Specifications leaked - Upgrades CPU, GPU and RAM  

Personally, I do not think that Sony will have gone to the expense of creating a new PS4 SOC for the PS4K or whatever they call the newer version of the PS4. 

The original AMD made SOC that is used in the PS4 is known to have inactive parts in order to improve the yields when making the PS4's APUs, with the PS4 containing 2 inactive GPU compute Units. If Sony released a new version of the PS4 with these units activated they could gain 11% more GPU cores, increasing the GPU shader count on the PS4 from 1152 shaders to 1280 GPU cores.  

The performance can also be enhanced on the original PS4 SOC by releasing a new model with higher CPU and GPU clock speeds, as right now manufacturing yield on these APUs have surely improved by now and the Xbox One's similar SOC already runs at higher CPU clock speeds of 1.75GHz and higher GPU clock speeds of 853MHz.   

If Sony wants to make an affordable upgraded version of the PS4 I would expect them to release a PS4 with a fully unlocked SOC with enhanced CPU and GPU clock speeds,  as a CPU clock speed of 2GHz will give them around 25% more CPU performance and unlocking the GPUs 2 additional GPU Compute units and overclocking it to 900MHz would yield around 25% more GPU performance, all without Sony needing to invest in designing a totally new SOC for a PS4K. 

On the memory side Sony can easily use faster GDDR5 memory, in a similar way to how AMD used faster GDDR5 memory when moving from their R9 290 series to their R9 390 series, both os which used the same GPU core with enhanced GPU clock speeds and memory speeds with the newer R9 390 series.  

Developing a console for 4K gaming is something that is laughable right now, as even top of the line PC hardware can struggle with 4K at times, meaning that a 4K console would simply not be affordable for most people. I think that the so-called PS4K is a console that will have an HDMI 2.0 output for 4K with support for 4K Blu-Ray movies, with some minor enhancements to the PS4s clock speeds and performance through matured manufacturing of the original PS4 SOC.  


You can join the discussion on the PS4K's leaked specifications and our thoughts on the OC3D Forums


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Most Recent Comments

19-04-2016, 04:50:48

I dont think 4k for gaming is their idea, however with the sony VR headset around the corner of which they will of been i think primarily for ps4 as a look what we can do thing.
This is to allow their own headset to be able to get 1080p with a high enough refresh rate to not make people feel sick or have seizures like the nintendo version did many years ago.

Well thats what i think anyway. And if it can play Blu-ray in full 4k people will just buy the ps4 for that like what people did originally so they can bump the price a bit as the non upscaled ones tend to be rather pricey.

wonder if they will also take a loss on them or break even?Quote

19-04-2016, 11:02:02

It's just gonna be a slim version. Idk why everyone is so adamant it'll be a whole new console. That would really anger consumers who have already bought one. It's only been 3 years after all. In addition, devs would probably be very annoyed having to make 2 versions of the same game for the same console. Just don't see it happeningQuote

19-04-2016, 11:43:45

Indeed. It wouldnt make any sense.Quote

19-04-2016, 12:28:42

If Sony are committed to making an updated PS4 I really do not think that they will make a totally new chip to power it. Sony did not build the chip in the current PS4 to last a mere three years.

I do think that if they want to make a better PS4 they could release a model with the two locked CUs, add some faster RAM and overclock the parts a bit. They could Easily get 25% more performance there, which isn't that small of a bump.

Nobody runs at 4K really, barely anyone owns a 4K TV, so why make a 4K UBER PS4? At best they can make an enhanced 1080p PS4 that supports 4K media, even with a new SOC. I don't think Sony could afford to make a new £500 console and have it sell well when so little time has passed since the PS4 launched.

Also, why Codename Neo, is Xbox not "The One"?Quote

19-04-2016, 14:55:47

I get what your saying, however that still ends up with the same issue with devs having to create an alternative version to take advantage of the more available power.
In addition, still angers consumers who already purchased one before this newer update.

It can already output 4k, however the blu ray player in it cannot and it's HDMI can't either. If they merely updated those, it solves the 4k media problem and still keeps the same performance. I can see them using 20nm or even 16nm, but using those better chips for power consumption.. Aka a new slimQuote

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