There are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners

There are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners

There are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners

There are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners


According to the most recent Steam Hardware survey, there are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners, with almost 100,000 HTC Vives sold globally. 

Right now Valve's own statistics state that only 0.15% of Steam users own an HTC Vive, with that percentage growing by 0.06% last month. The Oculus Rift is owned by only 0.06% of Steam's userbase, hinting that almost as many HTC Vive headsets have shipped to Steam users in the last month than Oculus has ever sold, though this is merely a single way to look at this data.  

One thing that must be remembered that the HTC Vive's core experience is  very much linked to Steam, whereas the Oculus Rift isn't, so there may be a minority of Oculus Rift users that do not use Steam. This should be a small minority as Steam is currently the largest and most popular PC gaming storefront/platform, which almost all PC gamers use over any other storefront. 

  There are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners


Right now the Oculus Rift's launch has been plagued with issues when it comes to supply, feature set (lack of motion controls) and more recently with content exclusivity and the use of DRM on the Oculus Storefront.  

At this time a lot of PC gamers are angry at Oculus for several anti-consumer practices like artificial exclusivity for several VR games and some concerning entries in their terms of service that may allow Facebook to collect consumer data from your VR usage. 

There are over 2x as many HTC Vive owners as Oculus Rift owners

On SteamSpy the ownership of Tilt Brush, a game that is bundled with the HTC Vive and requires motion controls, currently has over 94,911 plus or minus 8,213 sales, meaning that as many as 100,000 HTC Vives have already been sold. This assumes that all copies of Tilt Brush came from HTC Vive bundles, but given the fact that the game is VR only and Oculus has no motions controls barely anyone else would own it. 


You can join the discussion on HTC Vive sales potentially doubling that of Oculus Rift sales on the OC3D Forums.


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04-07-2016, 09:10:17

Is anyone really going to be surprised with the way Oculus has been going. +that HTC vive looks like something out of that ghost in shell or whatever anime Quote

04-07-2016, 09:34:29

I'd love either a Rift or Vive but those prices just for the HMD are in the realms of nuts, I could get it but I couldn't justify spending £500 on something I'd use for maybe 1 or 2 games.Quote

04-07-2016, 09:37:41

It's no surprise with all the shipping problems Oculus had. There was a lot of orders canceled, and they bought the Vive. Add in the fact you have people like Barnecules putting out several videos of the Vive, and showing the tracking is so good, he can flip the controllers and still catch them in mid air. People on Youtube are not covering the Oculus like the Vive. It's just getting more attention.Quote

04-07-2016, 15:07:18

Good. They shouldn't have sold out to Facebook.


04-07-2016, 15:41:35

Dark NighT
Originally Posted by ImprovizoR View Post
Good. They shouldn't have sold out to Facebook.

Without facebook they would never have released a product. Their conduct and their package as a whole stinks though, if you look at the vive as a package, yeah its 100 dollar more, but its actually worth that much more because of the kit thats in it and as proven, it just works, without any drm nonsense that thankfully ocolus pulled a u turn on but yeah, the damage is done.Quote

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