Stardock Reveals a New RTS powered by the Nitrous Engine

Stardock Reveals a New RTS powered by the Nitrous Engine

AMD puts a little Mantle in OpenGL Next

Stardock Reveals a New RTS powered by the Nitrous Engine


Stardock has reveals a New RTS game powered by the Nitrous Engine called Ashes of the Singularity. Stardock says it will be an RTS to a scale "never before seen".

While details remain scare about the game, Stardock said that players would be able to control thousands of units at once, Stardock said that to facilitate this that they had to develop a "new type of 3D engine", that engine is Nitrous.

The Nitrous engine is on the bleeding edge of tech at the minute, it currently supports AMD's Mantle (which can be seen in the AMD Star Swarm Demo) and has been recently shown using DirectX 12. This game will likely be making good use of the extra draw calls and hardware access that next generation APIs deliver.


Stardock Reveals a New RTS powered by the Nitrous Engine


Ashes of the Singularity, humanity has evolved into beings of pure consciousness, thse post-humans are locked  in a war for domination of the universe with Haalee, a sentient AI  which are “bent on saving the universe from post-human predation.”

While this story is not very unique, with robot AI's fighting against organic species being the backstory behind so many films, movies and games. 

This is what Stardock had to say about the game.


“In Ashes of the Singularity, players can take command of the forces of either the post-humans or those of Haalee,”

 “This is a galaxy-wide struggle in which each ‘battle’ wages across the surface of an entire planet. The scope of the conflict is unlike anything players have seen before.”

  “The scale of Ashes required us to create a new type of 3D engine,”

 “We wanted to make a game that didn’t just depict a battle but an entire war in real time, with thousands of independent units acting simultaneously.”


AMD Mantle May Be Dead


Ashes of the Singularity will offer both multiplayer game modes and a single-player campaign. Stardock say that they will reveal more information about the game as development continues.




AMD has release a small gameplay demo if Ashes of a Singularity, running at 4K resolution on AMD's Mantle API.



We can confirm that Ashes of Singularity uses AMD's Mantle API and is due to release in 2016 with a beta this summer.


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Most Recent Comments

05-03-2015, 07:32:01

Now this peaks my interests!Quote

05-03-2015, 11:04:48

If the game will looks the way they made it sound from GDC then I just hope they won't have the problems Planetary Annihilation has. In that case this game will be an RTS i will definitely try.Quote

05-03-2015, 14:39:38

Love the Sins series they made. Hopefully this will be just as amazing!

Gotta love the Nitrous engine too. Personally i think they could license this engine to many devs in the RTS genere(total war, CoH,even the Sins series) and make a buttload of money. Gives the option of using Mantle and DX12 which should help devs immensely with RTSQuote

05-03-2015, 16:15:33

Looks damn nice - although after recently having played Supreme Commander again, I really do hope the claim of it being on a scale never seen before holds true. Would be nice to have a base building RTS to play.Quote

05-03-2015, 16:22:17

Originally Posted by Watsyerproblem View Post
Stardock has reveals a New RTS game
You speaking good england today you iz

This does look epic though, Hopefully along the same lines of Supreme Commander Quote

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