PowerColor R9 295X2 First Look

Introduction and Technical Specifications

PowerColor R9 295X2 First Look


Regular readers of OC3D, and if you're not then you should be, know that we don't like to muck about with pretending we have a card on hand when we don't. Honesty builds trust and we think that if you can't trust our previews you can't trust our reviews. So rather than say we have one and then use official press photos that everyone else uses, we only tell you our thoughts once we've got it in our sweaty mitts. Now AMD have finally sent one, here is our first look at the R9 295X2, and at least you know we've really got it.

We've often commented about how well AMD have returned to the high-end GPU market with their latest Rx range of GPUs. The R9 290 and R9 290X in particular are a match for the nVidia models, and it's been a couple of generations since we could lay that claim at the door of AMD.

Not one to rest on their laurels AMD have combined two of their Hawaii XT GPUs that are normally found at the heart of the R9 290X and combined them into a single board. It's a return to the days of 4870X2's and HD7990's. Today, thanks to PowerColor, we can bring you a first look at the R9 295X2.

The biggest problem with any twin-GPU card is keeping the thing cool, especially with the toasty nature of the latest high-end Radeon ones, and to this end the 295X2 comes equipped with an AIO water-cooling solution. All-In-One water-cooling has come on leaps and bounds in recent times, so it seems like the perfect opportunity to utilise this technology to keep the card cool. 

Here's what they have to say :

The latest R9 295X2 is loaded with plenty of features. The AMD TrueAudio technology shapes a new future of PC gaming sounds like, delivering a richer and more immersive gaming soundscape. With Mantle support, gamers are able to reach new heights of performance by speaking the language of GCN architecture. With 4 mini DisplayPort plus 1 DL-DVI-D output, users are allowed to run multiple displays from a single graphics board and expand your gaming field of view across all displays.

PowerColor R9 295X2 First Look     PowerColor R9 295X2 First Look  

PowerColor R9 295X2 First Look     PowerColor R9 295X2 First Look 

Technical Specifications

It almost doesn't matter what number you believe to be a high one, the 295X2 definitely has you covered. 4K support? Yes sir. More shaders than you can shake a stick at? You better believe it. The power requirements are enormous and, as we'll see on the next page, not something that PowerColor take lightly.

Graphics EngineRADEON R9 295X2
Video Memory8GB GDDR5
Engine Clockup to 1018MHz
Memory Clock1250MHz x 4 (5.0 Gbps)
Memory Interface512bit X2
DirectX® Support11.2
Bus StandardPCIE 3.0
Standard Display ConnectorsDual-link DVI-D / 4 X mini DisplayPort
CrossFireX™ TechnologySupport
ATI Stream TechnologySupport
ATI Eyefinity TechnologySupport
DVI OutputDual Link DVI-D x1
DisplayPortOn Board(Mini DP) x4
HDMISingle (By Adapter)
HDCP SupportSupport
Board Dimensions305mmx110mmx38mm
Minimum System Power requirement (W)1000W (Power connectors capable of supplying 28A of dedicated current per connectors)
Extention Power Connectortwo 8-pin PCI Express Power connectors
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Most Recent Comments

24-04-2014, 13:32:41

Wow!!!! How tiny are your hands Quote

24-04-2014, 13:36:23

Such a shame it only has a 120 rad on it, a 240 would been so much better. Lower temps, lower noise and more overclocking headroom.

There are/soon to be full cover blocks for it now, so results from a fully watercooled 295x2 should be interesting. The Titan Z is out on the 29th as well, it will be interesting how the two compare.Quote

24-04-2014, 14:16:58


Would love to have one, yet the AIO is not really what I hoped for. If it was an AIO with standard fittings so I could plumb it into a loop, now that would be cool. Its all a dream as I have not the money anyway.Quote

24-04-2014, 14:29:57

Originally Posted by Wraithguard View Post
Wow!!!! How tiny are your hands
LOLOLOL thats the SAME thing I was just going to post!Quote

24-04-2014, 15:43:45

Love this card. Really does look like its going to make the nvidia fanboys upset. Really can't see how the Titan Z could possibly match this in performance, noise and most certainly not heat. AND even if it does, it's still half the price!

Considering according to all the reviews I have seen this thing beats 2 780Ti in SLI 90% of the time, and even titan blacks, which is all the titan Z is after all. Due to thermals you would have thought the Titan Z will have to be clocked down since that cooler couldn't even keep the 690 (a pair of underclocked GK104) below 83c ish, I can't possibly see how it could keep 2 full GK110 cool, let alone at stock clocks.

Lets see. Regardless, can't wait to see this review!Quote

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