Oculus Rift Hits Retail Again! Before Pre-Orders Reach Users

Oculus Rift Hits Retail Again! Before Pre-Orders Reach Users

Oculus Rift Hits Retail Again! Before Pre-Orders Reach Users

Oculus Rift Hits Retail Again! Before Pre-Orders Reach Users


On May 6th a number of Oculus Rift Headsets will become available to buy at Best Buy, Amazon and Microsoft, once again bypassing the massive queue of those who have Pre-ordered or Kickstarted the device.   

Retailers receiving stock before the extremely large number of Pre-orderers has left members of the early VR community very angry at Oculus, which is understandable as they have almost waited a month since the Rift's launch and many of them expect to wait several more months before they receive their VR headsets.   


       A small number of Rifts will be available for purchase at select Best Buy stores starting May 7 and online from Microsoft and Amazon, starting May 6 at 9am PST. Quantities will be extremely limited while we catch up on Rift pre-orders.


  Oculus Rift Hits Retail Again! Before Pre-Orders Reach Users


Oculus has noted the anger that the community has against them for allowing retail Oculus Rift HMDs to hit store shelves before they fulfill all of their current pre-orders. On their blogpost, the company has stated that anyone who buys a Rift at retail that has an existing Pre-order will still get all pre-order benefits, like Oculus Touch Pre-order Priority and still gain game codes for Eve: Valkyrie if applicable. 


   We know that many pre-order customers are still waiting for their Rifts, so we’re offering those customers a chance to purchase Rift from retail instead – while keeping their pre-order benefits, like the EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack and priority status for Touch pre-orders. Starting May 6th, if you’re interested, simply go to your order status and let us know you’ve purchased a Rift at retail, and we’ll cancel your pre-order. Your EVE: Valkyrie entitlement will appear in your order history.


From May 7th onwards select Best Buy locations will have Oculus Rift Demos In-Store, which can be booked and scheduled up to a month in advance. 

This is the second time that Oculus has given retailers Oculus Rift HMDs for sale purposes ahead of their existing mountain of Pre-orders, leaving thousands of Oculus fans to feel betrayed and  frustrated with the company,

To see retailers jumping the queue ahead of thousands of early pre-orderers and the Rift's Original Kickstarter backers has seen a lot of bad blood boil between the Oculus community and Oculus themselves, which when combined with the device's privacy concerns and certain restrictive aspect of the Oculus EULA has resulted in several users cancelling their Pre-orders in frustration.   

Below are just some of the quotes from frustrated Oculus buyers, who understandably feel betrayed by the company.   


This is the biggest slap in the face ever to early adopters and enthusiasts if I ever saw one


    Another swift kick in the nuts to us early adopters from Oculus. Oculus must really really really hate their early adopters to keep treating us like f*cking garbage,


You can join the discussion on Retail stores receiving Oculus Rift units to sell before hour-1 Pre-Orderers on the OC3D Forums


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Most Recent Comments

03-05-2016, 05:46:01

Haha, hilarious.

As if they didnt get enough bad publicity already. Great going Oculus.Quote

03-05-2016, 05:50:01

Originally Posted by Kushiro View Post
Haha, hilarious.

As if they didnt get enough bad publicity already. Great going Oculus.
yeah, you would think that they would have learned after the first time.Quote

03-05-2016, 05:55:15

Haha wow, I wasn't aware of this at all... But this is a big cluster f*ck all around.
How dumb and extremely retarted Oculus seems to be!Quote

03-05-2016, 07:14:47

Sad for the users that this company thinks they don't have to honor their agreements. From a consumer point of view, I would NOT trust a company to provide software and firmware updates for a device when they won't honor their pre-order agreements. I would recommend that if you are an early adopter of VR, make it something other than Oculus!Quote

03-05-2016, 07:25:57

Dark NighT
Ouch, bad move Oculus.Quote

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