Oculus are rumoured to reveal a $200 standalone VR headset later this year

We have already seen a headset like this in the form of the Oculus Santa Cruz

Oculus are rumoured to reveal a $200 standalone VR headset later this year

Oculus is rumoured to release a $200 standalone VR headset in 2018

Rumours of Facebook/Oculus' next VR headset have started materialising online, with many websites reporting that a mid-range $200 VR headset will be released sometime in 2018. 

This new headset will sit somewhere betweSamsung'sg's GearVR and Oculus' Rift headset, coming with self-contained hardware that will not require any external compute device like a mobile phone or PC to function. 

Oculus reportedly call this headset project "Pacific", which will include integrated head tracking technology and offer a better experience than existing mobile phone based mobile VR solutions, with Oculus expecting this new headset to easily fit into bags or backpacks for easy use while on the go.  

A VR prototype called "Santa Cruz" was revealed by Oculus back in 2016, offering many of the features that Facebook's planned 2018 headset will offer, requiring no external compute hardware or an expensive tracking setup. 



To be clear, this is not the next generation Oculus Rift with tetherless play functions, and it is an entirely different device which will sit between the GearVR and the Oculus Rift to provide a mid-range VR experience without tethers and with fully integrated tracking.  
At this time the final design of Oculus' standalone VR headset has not been finalised, though it is expected to take on gaming functions as well as offer the ability to playback standard video content and even offer social media features. 
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Most Recent Comments

14-07-2017, 18:05:36

Gear VR 1440p, how different can it be without more pixels and better content.Quote

14-07-2017, 18:15:23

The only thing I don't like about current VR is that everything seems to have a sort of chromatic aberration around the edges.Quote

15-07-2017, 06:20:48

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
The only thing I don't like about current VR is that everything seems to have a sort of chromatic aberration around the edges.
One of AMD's top graphics honchos made a statement when the Rift CV and Vive launched. He said, and I quote "VR will not be truly realistic or immersive until each eye panel displays 5k resolution".

And I can tell you now he's spot on. And that will take years and years, if VR even lasts that long. I can't see it lasting, because it's a major faff just to put the thing on and have wires trailing out all over the place. If mine was easier to just pick up and put on I would use it more, but it's not.


Look at the graphics out of the car. They are very low rent. The popup is nasty and the texture flicker (through lack of AA) is bloody awful. OK, now imagine that about 2" away from your eyes. It's bad enough watching a video of it, but having it going on right in front of you is terrible. Honestly it's like playing a game on the PS1 with it right in front of your eyes.

All VR games look like that, if not worse. That is why AMD were absolutely spot on.

But, if you think about how long it will be before we can drive 10k with a GPU? um yah, I really don't think VR will be around that long.

Now this?


That is amazing. Seriously you will need a jack to push your jaw back up off of the floor. However, look at the graphics. It's like N64 graphics. Not that it's a problem, because that game is incredibly smooth and runs like butter. But yeah, that is about what VR is capable of maximum right now.Quote

15-07-2017, 14:24:40

Honestly I thought PCARS looked pretty awesome Quote

15-07-2017, 23:50:54

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Honestly I thought PCARS looked pretty awesome
Most of the people I talk to say that after a couple of hours driving you forget how poor (relatively) the graphics are and the immersion factor more than makes up for it. A lot of them won't go back to triple screen gaming now. I have yet to test a decent VR headset so can't comment but being susceptible to headaches I don't want to shell out for a 1200 dollar headset just yet.Quote

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