Nvidia Titan V Specifications - Is it worth $3,000?

This isn't even the offering all that GV100 is capable of

Nvidia Titan V Specifications - Is it worth $3,000?

Nvidia Titan V Specifications - Is it worth $3,000?

Nvidia has announced their new Titan V GPU, the company's first consumer/prosumer Volta based product and their first Titan-series GPU to make use of HBM2 memory. 

This graphics processor will come with an extremely high price tag of $3,000, making it the company's most expensive Titan-class GPU to date, delivering new features that have never been seen before outside of Nvidia's Tesla series of products. 

While this GPU can be used with Geforce gaming drivers, this product is not designed for gamers, offering AI specific features that go unused while under traditional gaming workloads. Nvidia's new Tensor cores are the main selling point of this new graphics product, so if you don't already know what these additional cores deliver, it is safe to say that this is not the graphics processor for you.  

The Titan V will come with a monstrous single precision CUDA core count of 5,220, offering 33% more graphics processing units than Nvidia's Titan Xp, though these come with a lower base and boost clock speeds. Combine this with this GPU's 12GB of HBM2 memory and the Titan V also delivers more memory bandwidth than the Titan Xp, offering a sizable performance boost. 

With the Titan V, Nvidia has opted not to utilise GV100's maxed out memory configuration, utilising 12GB of HBM2 memory instead of 16GB. The Tian V uses three active HBM2 memory chips instead of four, losing the GPU a quarter of GV100's maximum potential bandwidth, even with this limitation the Titan V still outperforms the Titan Xp by a significant margin when it comes to memory performance.  

 Titan VTitan XpGTX Titan XGTX 1080 TiGTX 1080
GPU ArchitectureVoltaPascal PascalPascalPascal
Process node12nm16nm 16nm16nm16nm
Die Size (mm^2)815471471471314
SM Units8060 565640
Cores per SM6464 646464
CUDA Core Count5120 3840358435842560
Tensor Cores640N/AN/AN/AN/A
ROPs? 96968864
Memory Clock 850MHz 11408MHz10008MHz11008MHz10008MHz
VRAM Cappacity 12GB12GB 12GB11GB8GB 
Memory Bus Size 3072-bit 384-bit384-bit352-bit256-bit 
Memory Bandwidth 652.8GB/s547.7GB/s 480 GB/s484 GB/s320 GB/s 
Base clock speed 1200MHz -1417MHz-1607MHz 
Boost clock speed 1455Mhz1582MHz1531MHz1582MHz1733MHz 
TDP 250W250W 250W250W180W 
Power Connection 1x 8-pin 1x 6-pin1x 8-pin 1x 6-pin 1x 8-pin 1x 6-pin

1x 8-pin 1x 6-pin

1x 8-pin 
PCI Express  PCIe 3.0 PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0 


Display output wise, this graphics card is identical to the Titan Xp, offering a single HDMI 2.0 connection and three DisplayPort 1.4 connections. The GPU is a standard 2-slot GPU design with a Nvidia Founders Edtion style cooler with a golden finish. 

This GPU has a TDP of 250W and is powered by an 8-pin 6-pin PCIe configuration, giving it the same power characteristics as the Titan Xp. This reduced power is likely due to the power benefits of HBM2 memory over GDDR5X, 12nm over 16nm and the lower clock speeds of this larger GPU design. 

Is this GPU worth $3,000? If you can make use of this GPUs Tensor cores, yet, it could be, if not there is no way that we could possibly consider this GPU as good value for money, especially for gaming workloads. 

The Titan V will release on December 17th and is available to pre-order on Nvidia's online store. 

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Most Recent Comments

08-12-2017, 06:34:52

Is it twice as fast as a XP? then no.

I also worry about the cooler, given it wasn't even adequate for an XP. Volta is supposedly very hot.Quote

08-12-2017, 06:36:51

I'm quite interested in it's machine learning/deep learning capabilities considering that's what it was really built for, Would be very interesting to see a program take full advantage of it and see it working in real time.Quote

08-12-2017, 06:40:40

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
I'm quite interested in it's machine learning/deep learning capabilities considering that's what it was really built for, Would be very interesting to see a program take full advantage of it and see it working in real time.
Feck dat, show me the games !Quote

08-12-2017, 06:42:47

Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Feck dat, show me the games !
I wonder if one of these could successfully utilize the new 4K 144Hz displays coming out, By that I mean full eye candy in a game like Crysis 3 at 4K with FPS beyond 100 or even 60.Quote

08-12-2017, 06:46:37

Eddie long
I surpose the way to look at this announcement is that now they have done this for the professional end of the market, that the volta based gpu's for us mear mortals is coming closer in the future. But who really knows with NvidaQuote

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