Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC

Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC

Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC

Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC


Nvidia has shown off the TITAN X at GDC, with 12GB of VRAM and over 8 Billion Transistors, want to see what is inside the box?

Nvidia say that further details will be revealed about the GPU sooner rather than later.


Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC


By the looks of it Nvidia are going all black with the reference cooler for the Titan X, and will not be moving away from SLI bridges for multi-GPU setups either. Size wise it looks very similar to the Original Titan, but we have no word on the exact dimensions of the GPU.

When it comes to price and performance all we can do is guess, with the efficiency improvements of Maxwell we expect to see performance improvements somewhere in the range of 50% higher than the GTX 980 or GTX 780Ti, but until Nvidia sends samples to test all we can do is guess. 


Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC  


At EPIC Games' conference the Titan X was shown off playing this demo for the Unreal 4 engine called the Kite Demo. The visuals shown in this demo are nothing short of spectacular, which gives us high hopes for the capability of this GPU.



You can join the discussion on the Nvidia Titan X GPU on the OC3D Forums. 


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Most Recent Comments

04-03-2015, 15:33:52

There are some people on these forums who are going to hate me.Quote

04-03-2015, 15:36:26

Originally Posted by Kaapstad View Post
There are some people on these forums who are going to hate me.
Whereas other like me are intrigued.Quote

04-03-2015, 15:37:11

Activate rant mode...

The best part is people will actually buy this.

Its so hilariously pointless. It's just a 980Ti (or whatever they call it) with twice the VRAM and less butchered DP support. Except it has no ECC.... anyone working with DP will want ECC, and pretty much every application of DP will want people to use a quadro ANYWAY just for the professional drivers, which is what you pay for when you get a quadro.

The only people who buy titans are ignorant or just have too much money, there is always a better alternative.

It's even funnier too because nvidia's marketing team has done a GREAT job of fooling people into arguing over "its a gaming card, its not a gaming card" and somehow avoiding the fact that this is literally the most overpriced thing EVER. It is a gaming card, since it has no ECC and no professionally certified drivers, they even market it as a gaming card, but also market it as a "professional GPU" on the side in places that informed people look, in order to put two opinions across, so people argue over it! It's a genius work of social engineering thats for a fact.

AMD cards have less butchered DP support on pretty much all their cards, do that somehow mean that those cards are now "professional" GPU's? No not really.

I can't wait to pay £1000 for a butchered GPU die with no ECC, no professional drivers and only slightly better DP performance which was butchered intentionally to make the titan look better and to artificially reduce TDP figures for marketing..... oh wait, I won't be buying one.

Rant mode over... sorry about that, but it was welling up inside for a while.Quote

04-03-2015, 16:08:50


Titans are fantastic cards if you use them for the right things.

I would never recommend anyone buying one for use @1080p as there are better faster cheaper options available.

@2160p or higher on the other hand using several Titans in SLI is as good as it gets. Even using the original 2 year old ones 4 up at the resolution gives a better gaming experience than the more modern 290Xs or 980s.Quote

04-03-2015, 16:39:43


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