Nvidia RTX SUPER series launch in mid-July

RTX 20 SUPER series specs leaked

Nvidia RTX SUPER series launch in mid-July

Nvidia RTX SUPER series launch in mid-July

According to a report from Videocardz, Nvidia plans to launch their new RTX 20 SUPER series of graphics cards in mid-July, just after the launch on AMD's Radeon Navi series of graphics cards. 

Igor Wallossek, from Tom’s Hardware Germany, has also revealed the specifications of these new graphics cards, showcasing an 8GB RTX 2060 SUPER model, a graphics card that appears to directly target AMD's Radeon Navi RX 5700, which also utilises 8GB of GDDR6 memory. 

All of the graphics cards in the RTX SUPER series will offer 128 to 256 more CUDA cores than their non-super variants, with models such as the RTX 2080 Super and the RTX 2060 Super featuring higher levels of memory bandwidth, which are possible by using faster GDDR6 memory and a wider memory bus respectively.   

Rumour has it that Nvidia plans to reveal their RTX Super series of graphics cards within the next two weeks, though at this time Nvidia has not announced any upcoming press events. Thanks to Nvidia's use of existing graphics card designs for their RTX Super series, it is likely that Nvidia will be able to quickly release their new RTX Super series to the market, as for the most part Nvidia's new graphics cards are upgraded, or downgraded, versions of existing SKUs. 

Nvidia Founders Edition Graphics Geforce RTX 2080 TiGeforce
RTX 2080 Super (R)
Geforce RTX 2080Geforce
RTX 2070 Super (R)
Geforce RTX 2070
RTX 2060 Super (R) 
Geforce RTX 2060
ArchitectureTuringTuringTuringTuring TuringTuring Turing
CUDA Cores4,352307229442560  23042176 1920
Base Clock
1350MHz???MHz1510Mhz???MHz1410MHz???MHz 1345MHz
Boost Clock1635MHz???MHz1800MHz???MHZ 1710MHz???MHz 1680MHz
Memory Capacity11GB8GB8GB8GB 8GB8GB 6GB
Memory Speed14Gbps16Gbps14Gbps14Gbps 14Gbps14Gbps 14Gbps
Memory Bandwidth616GB/s512GB/s448GB/s448GB/s 448GB/s448GB/s 336GB/s
Memory Bus Size352-bit256-bit256-bit256-bit 256-bit 256-bit192-bit
SLIVia NVLinkVia
Via NVLink??? N/AN/A N/A

(Rumoured product specifications are listed with (R))

Nvidia RTX SUPER series launch in mid-July

(Image from Igor's LAB)

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Most Recent Comments

13-06-2019, 09:51:50

That RTX2060 Super is essentially just an RTX2070 at this point(Now they've removed the artificially gimped memory bus), are these SKUs going to replace the old ones in the same price bracket or are they just here to fill the gaps between NVidia's pricing tiers atm?Quote

13-06-2019, 09:58:59

What a great idea! flood the market with more SKU's and make more massively overpriced cards, that worked so well for you last year.
Looking at the way both GPU companies are currently operating I can see clear growth in one and clear decline in the other and this is not going to change whilst Nvidia continue to be both Mcdonalds and SelfridgesQuote

13-06-2019, 10:48:16

I still can't believe that two years after buying my RX Vega 56, there's still nothing for me to upgrade to with the same amount of cash. I spent £380 two years ago, and there's nothing in Nvidia's line-up that offers better performance at that price.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not holding out hope on AMD's Navi either, but with Nvidia pumping more and more SKU's out constantly you can't help but hope the price/performance ratio might improve at some point.

Maybe the best thing I could buy to improve my performance at this point would be a waterblock?Quote

13-06-2019, 12:10:34

I know it's early stages and it could be said it's just a rumour, but I'm amazed these are coming out. Last year Nvidia released the most obnoxious architecture and line of cards ever, with never before seen prices and features; and after no more than a year are replacing them with 'SUPER' variants. It's like Apple releasing a limited edition computer stand for $1500 with a tilt feature. Or like Samsung releasing a Galaxy S10 Plus+ with a headphone jack. It's flagship, absurdly high-end products at the top of the stack... that were never actually at the top of the stack. They had 'super' prices, 'super' features, 'super' marketing, but they were never 'THE' super. Maybe I'm seeing too much into things (I probably am), but I feel genuinely upset and disappointed with the PC enthusiast market, at least in the GPU realm where the most fun is...or was.Quote

13-06-2019, 12:44:17

It's funny it's leaked after Navi.. trying to get more attention to Nvidia. No surprise. This isn't a leak, it's forcing the game media to report on Nvidia and give them attention. It was by design. Media is forced to write about it for clicks. I hate these so called "leaks and rumors"Quote

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