Nvidia is not worried about AMD's Vega architecture

Nvidia is not worried about AMD's Vega architecture

Nvidia is not worried about AMD's Vega architecture

Nvidia is not worried about AMD's Vega architecture

As part of their 2017 earnings call, Nvidia announced that their revenue was up 48% in the past year, though investors were still nonetheless concerned about Nvidia's competitiveness in the second half of 2017, even after the releases of the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp. 
Blayne Curtis, a representative of Barclays Capital, asked Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang how competitive the company will be with AMD's upcoming Vega GPU lineup. 

Blayne Curtis – Barclays Capital, Inc.

Thanks. And then just moving to the gaming GPU side, I was just wondering if you can just talk about the competitive landscape looking back at the last refresh. And then looking forward into the back half of this year, I think your competitors have a new platform. I’m just curious as to your thoughts as to how the share worked out on the previous refresh and then the competitiveness into the second half of this year.
Jensen responded to this question with one simple statement, that he believed that Nvidia's competitive position was not going to change. Nvidia believes that Vega will not be a major worry for the company, with Jensen showing supreme confidence that Nvidia will remain the dominant GPU manufacturer moving forward. 

Jen-Hsun Huang – NVIDIA Corp.

My assessment is that the competitive position is not going to change.  


Nvidia is not worried about AMD's Vega architecture

(Nvidia's newly designed Polygon-esque HQ)


You can join the discussion on Nvidia's confidence that they can compete with AMD's Vega architecture on the OC3D Forums.


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Most Recent Comments

11-05-2017, 10:30:05

A pretty arrogant stance if you ask meQuote

11-05-2017, 10:36:40

They had a monopoly in the 1070/1080 segment for a year now, of course they aren't worried and the monopoly phase got longer with every generation since the 7xx cards. AMD could release a 1080ti killer and nvidia wouldn't have to care, AMD gets to be a competitor for 6 months, then nvidia gets to do whatever they want to do when they release the 11xx cards.Quote

11-05-2017, 10:46:22

Not at all arrogant. Their slowest gaming GPU (5th from the top in the line) is outperforming AMD's current super refined top card. They hold complete middle and up consumer market segment. AMD is struggling to compete with nVidia's 2 year old architecture, and Volta is coming. Tesla is holding firm in supercomputer and deep learning segment. All the software technologies that nVidia has. All the gaming development teams that work with nVidia technology. Many, many more upgrades, and new stuff that nVidia has in development. Years of work with VR and other companies. Gazillion of contracts. All that while AMD is struggling to make hardware. Many years will pass until AMD can contest nVidia as equal.Quote

11-05-2017, 11:41:08

The pricing on gpu's from Nvidia is too high. Amd just have to get some good bang for buck cards out there. If that happens Nvidia have to change their game.Quote

11-05-2017, 12:35:19

I am no expert but consumer GPUs are probably the smallest part of nVidia's earnings. One supercomputer has ~ 20.000 Tesla GPUs. Why would they be worried about AMD trying to beat, what is essentially, scrap lying around the basement of their one generation old Tesla architecture. Few years back AMD was kinda slightly threatening Kepler, nVidia just pulled, at that time old, K20 Tesla chip out (K40 was already released), slapped a Titan badge on it and silenced the crowd.Quote

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