Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked

Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked

Nvidia shows off the TITAN X at GDC

Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked


Specification and performance numbers have just been leaked for Nvidia's GTX 980Ti, and to say the least we are pleasantly surprised by them. 

According to the leaks from VideoCardz Nvidia's GTX 980Ti will be a cut down version of the GTX Titan X, as was expected, but it is not as cut down as we initially expected.


Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked


Nvidia have only disabled one SMX unit from their GM 200 GPU core and halved the GPUs memory, meaning that this GPU should lean more towards the Titan X than the GTX 980 in performance terms. With one less SMX unit the GTX 980Ti will have 256 less CUDA cores than the Titan X and  768 more CUDA cores than the GTX 980. 

Right now we do not know that price of this monster GPU from Nvidia, but if it is $750, which is just about half way between the GTX Titan X and the GTX 980, it will pretty much render the GTX Titan X redundant as a purchase unless you really need those 12GB of VRAM. 


Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked


 In terms of performance the GTX 980Ti will perform almost identically to the Titan X, making me think that Ti should stand for "Titan Irrelevant" rather than anything else. 

Right now we do not know if Nvidia have disabled any ROP units on the GTX 980Ti, like they did on the GTX 970, so right now we cannot confirm if it suffers from the same memory issues.

  Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked

Nvidia GTX 980Ti Specs and Performance Leaked 

Right now the GTX 980 "Titan Irrelevant" looks like a really great deal, but until Nvidia release the cards pricing and we can confirm all of this information for ourselves this should be considered nothing but a rumor. 


You can join the discussion on the GTX 980Ti spec and performance leak on the OC3D forums. 



The specifications for Nvidia's GTX 980Ti have been leaked. perhaps we should call it "Titan Irrelevant" rather than the...

Posted by OC3D on Friday, 22 May 2015
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Most Recent Comments

22-05-2015, 13:13:49

Only one thing I can say right now:

I really hope those specs are real, they look promising!Quote

22-05-2015, 13:15:06

You would be feeling like a total tard if you had JUST bought a Titan X wouldnt you.......Quote

22-05-2015, 13:22:35

Lmfao :')Quote

22-05-2015, 13:27:51

Fetchez La Vache
Higher CUDA count than I predicted. I thought it would be around 2304 - 2500 given that a Titan X is 150% of a 980, and a 970 is 80 odd% of a 980. Must mean they are getting a good yield on this die if they are basing the 980Ti off of unfulfilled (?? loss of correct words, brain fart) GM200 chips like the GM204 970 & 980.

You would be feeling like a total tard if you had JUST bought a Titan X wouldnt you.......
Depends on what you bought the card for surely, as someone that uses GPU raytracing I'd much rather have the 12Gb of Vram. The Titan X is a relative bargain compared to the comically nonsence prices for Quadros. Not that I have a Titan X......*stares slightly dissapointingly at my 760*Quote

22-05-2015, 13:28:09

Soon as EGVA release a 980ti dual classified they can take my money!Quote

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