Nvidia Disables GTX 900m Overclocking with Driver Update

Nvidia Disables GTX 900m Overclocking with Driver Update

Nvidia Disables GTX 900m Overclocking with Driver Update

Nvidia Disabled GTX 900m Overclocking with new Drivers 


It seems that with Nvidia's newest Geforce 347.29 drivers that overclocking is disables on Nvidia's newest GTX 900 Series Mobile GPUs. Nvidia have said that overclocking a notebook that users risk doing serious harm to their systems, which could result in reduced system life or worse, a broken notebook.

Understandably users on the Nvidia forums have been very disappointed  by Nvidia's choice to disable overclocking, saying that users should be allowed to choose what they do with their systems, especially given how cool running Nvidia's current Maxwell GPUs run.  


Nvidia Disables GTX 900m Overclocking with Driver Update  

Nvidia said that mobile overclocking of the GTX 900m series was a bug in the Nvidia Drivers, which was fixed to safeguard for systems rather than a restriction.

It is unlikely that Nvidia will re-enable overclocking on their mobile GPUs.


You can join the discussion on Nvidia Disabling Overclocking on GTX 900m Series GPUs on the OC3D Forums. 


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Most Recent Comments

12-02-2015, 08:19:22

Thats stupid. There are actually some gaming laptops that have more than sufficient cooling to support heavy OCing. Alienware for example and I presume MSI's thicker laptops are also good at overclocking too. Not all laptops are £600 960m equipped laptops that have average cooling.

People are still going to defend Nvidia over this though. If AMD can pull of decent mobile GPUs I'd be suprised mind, they've never been that good in my experience.Quote

12-02-2015, 08:25:22

In this case I 100% agree with nVidia, however it would be nice to leave the decision at the discretion of the laptop manufacturer, but ultimately probably not the user.


12-02-2015, 08:25:34

ahem 7970m, lovely card without enduro. I mean seriously it has been rebranded till the m290x and its performance is still pretty darn good, just give it a good OC. Then again my Gtx 680ms OC'd are better

Also am I missing something, or could the end user simply use an older driver? I know this isnt a good solution, however it could be an option until someone finds a way around it. Then again most of the chips are pretty good performers.Quote

12-02-2015, 10:47:58

God the amount of people with their heads stuck in the ground on the facebook comments saying overclocking in a laptop will kill it, maybe if its a low end laptop but most high end gaming laptops have good enough cooling to allow this.

My Clevo allows me to overclock my GTX680 enough to get about 10fps more in BF4 on ultra meaning instead over hovering around 30fps its 40 which makes it a lot more playable.

At the rate nvidia keep screwing people over im never going to touch a product of theirs again.Quote

12-02-2015, 14:33:49

I do agree that overclocking mobile chips even if over shorter periods of time shows good benefits, over time it just destroys the chip so much quicker and makes the laptop a lot more prone to hardware failure.

But at the same time, I think Nvidia could just put together a piece of OC software and specifically point out what will be the side effects of OC, and just let user decide.

Nvidia makes GPU's they don't need to worry about side effects of stupid users.Quote

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