No GTX 970 Driver fix Incoming

No GTX 970 Driver Incoming

No GTX 970 Driver Incoming

No GTX 970 Driver Incoming, AMD Cashes in.


Over the last week many owners of Nvidia's GTX 970, including myself, have been given a severe shock to the system. This shock was that Nvidia's specifications for their GTX 970 were proven to be false, which means that the specifications of Nvidia's GTX 970 are in fact lover than what Nvidia had said.

Here is a table showing Nvidia's Original Specifications compared to it's read specifications.


 Nvidia GTX 970Corrected GTX 970
GPU28nm GM204-20028nm GM204-200
CUDA Cores16641664
L2 Cache2048KB1792KB
Memory Bus256-bit256-bit
Memory Size4GB4GB (3.5GB + 0.5GB)
Memory Bandwidth224 GB/sec196 GB/sec + 28 GB/sec


Nvidia have screwed up as they have not fully disclosed the true architecture of the GTX 970, but at the end of the day the GTX 970's that we have seen in our reviews are still the same as the GTX 970's that you buy. Performance wise the GTX 970 is the same today that it was last week.

Performance differences are a very difficult thing to test, many users have reported shuttering after 3.5GB of vram is in use, but others seem to find no issue. This issue is a very difficult thing to test as you simply cannot compare a GTX 970 to a GTX 980, as any differences would be easily due to the increased amount of CUDA cores and not the GPU memory configuration.

Remember the price differences between the GTX 970 and the GTX 980, you still get what you pay for. The performance of the GTX 970 is still the same as the performance of our review sample, just bear in mind that there may be rare issues with memory with the GTX 970 over 3.5GB. 


No GTX 970 Driver Incoming  

 AMD has been very quick to pounce on Nvidia's blunder, with marketing slogans such as "4GB MEANS 4GB" and reduced pricing for R9 290 series video cards, with prices in the US lowering to $299.99 for the Gigabyte model on Newegg.

[email protected] on twitter even said that anybody returning their GTX 970's over this issue could get a great deal on an AMD Radeon GPU with a "full 4GB" of video memory by messaging him.  


No GTX 970 Driver Incoming  

 AMD have also just released their Newest AMD "The Fixer" video making fun of Nvidia's "performance issue.



There was also a lot of misinformation over the week which suggested that Nvidia were creating a new Driver which would better allocate the GTX 970's memory for enhanced performance, this is what Nvidia had to say on the matter on thier official Twitter.


"We are always improving performance through (Geforce) drivers but there are no plans for an update specifically for the GTX 970."

"We've designed the GTX 970 like this for a reason."


Nvidia has confirmed that the memory partitioning issue was a intentional hardware decision, meaning that a driver update simply cannot fix it.

Nvidia's current stance on this issue is that they are sorry that they did not disclose the "true" specs of the GTX 970 from the start, saying that this issue came about due to a lack of communication between their marketing and technology teams. They have not offered any work as of yet on whether or not they will be offering anything to appease the understandably annoyed GTX 970 owners.

Right now many GTX 970 owners, including myself, are trying to get their cards RMA'd due to the product not being as described, and due to legal doctrine like "the sale of goods act" in the UK and it's equivalents in many other countries a lot of us should be getting our wish.

This will mean that retailers will have a lot of returned GTX 970's, which will be bad for them and in turn bad for the card manufacturers like MSI and ASUS which will in turn put a lot of pressure on Nvidia. All these full functional GTX 970's being returned could also mean that they could be sold again at a reduced rate, so some good GTX 970 deals could be coming soon.


You can join the discussion on the GTX 970 Memory allocation issue on the OC3D Forums. 


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Most Recent Comments

30-01-2015, 09:55:16

Dark NighT
Uch amd, did you really have to do that?Quote

30-01-2015, 10:01:22

Originally Posted by Dark NighT View Post
Uch amd, did you really have to do that?
Yes they did(well not the fixer video but the price drop was totally needed). Capitalism never forgives, and AMD isn't in a position that would allow some profit to be lost.

Besides if nvidia released a driver to fix a hardware issue that would be a crime...Quote

30-01-2015, 10:14:36

Dark NighT
Originally Posted by Thelosouvlakia View Post
Yes they did(well not the fixer video but the price drop was totally needed). Capitalism never forgives, and AMD isn't in a position that would allow some profit to be lost.

Besides if nvidia released a driver to fix a hardware issue that would be a crime...
Yeah i meant the video and that picture, price drop is awesome.Quote

30-01-2015, 10:16:40

From what I've heard the 970's fps doesn't decrease that much because of the memory bandwidth issue, bu it is noticeable in the form of bad frame timings and micro stuttering.Quote

30-01-2015, 13:39:28

Xploited Titan
:/ nVidia is disappointing these last days.
Today, I learned thanks to this link that G-Sync is just a DRM module nVidia sells at high prices to make some profit on our backs: The truth about G-Sync marketing

Saddening to see they seem to treat us like cashcows now...Quote

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