Nintendo Patent a Console that can be upgraded

Nintendo Patent a Console that can be upgraded with a supplemental computing device

Nintendo Patent a Console that can be upgraded with a supplemental computing device

Nintendo Patent a Console that can be upgraded with a supplemental computing device


Nintendo has Patented the idea of a Console that can be upgraded with a supplemental computing device, allowing gamers to increase the speed or quality of the users gaming experience. 

What this effectively is is an upgradeable console, a games console which can have it's computing power enhanced by adding an external "supplemental computing device" which can process data for the main console in order to allow games to play at a higher resolution or framerate.   

Below is the abstract summarizing  Nintendo's Patent


        Supplemental computing devices that provide processing and/or storage resources to game consoles to assist these game consoles in executing a game. In some instances, a game console locally executes a copy of a game using resources of the game console. In addition, however, the game console may couple to a supplemental computing device that includes resources that the game console may also utilize to increase the speed or quality of a user's gaming experience. For instance, the supplemental computing device may couple via a physical connection (e.g., a wired connection) to the game console for processing data associated with the game and providing a result back to the console, and/or for storing game data on behalf of the game console.

  Nintendo Patent a Console that can be upgraded with a supplemental computing device  

Right now it is unknown whether Nintendo plan on implementing this idea into their upcoming Nintendo NX console, but what Nintendo have effectively patented is the ability to upgrade their console partially through it's life cycle, allowing the Nintendo NX to potential have a much greater lifespan and visuals than competing consoles. 

Right now this is just a patent, an idea, something which Nintendo may or may not implement into a future console, but the idea of an upgradeable console is not something that is new, the Nintendo 64 did have it's famous Expansion Pak, which upgrades the console from 4MB or RAM to 8MB. An upgradeable console is something that has never been done to the scale shown in Nintendo's new patent, adding more compute resources to the consoles and not just a few extra Megabytes of RAM. 


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Most Recent Comments

07-12-2015, 06:32:51

they did something similar with the nes, which allowed them to win court cases with tetris copyright claims, and helped alleviate the worry's people had coming out of the atari driven gaming crash that made people lose all faith in consoles.

Not really sure why they patented it now. unless they had to due to time limits, or its vastly different to the nes idea.Quote

07-12-2015, 06:34:40

Erm, how the hell did they get this patent? The idea of supplementing a console's resources using external resources is actually pretty old. The Super Nintendo had games which included extra resources in the game cartridges (Star Fox for one), the Nintendo 64 had a performance boosting addon if I remember right, memory cartridges are a addon which provides performance enhancements, the external GPU that certain laptops have could also possibly invalidate this patent as well...Quote

07-12-2015, 06:38:55

im pretty sure they came up with the idea though back when they launched the nes. possibly they only just decided to patent it?Quote

07-12-2015, 09:42:40

Personally I think the best example of this being used previously would be the Sega 32x. It converted the Megadrive from 16bit to a 32bit console.Quote

07-12-2015, 10:08:56

that was a terrible add-on though lol.
id imagine it will be more like the n64 type of situation. where they sell you a base unit. and then if you want to play a decent game you have to buy the better expansion pack. But essentialy its just going to be a computer cluster with both nodes working on the same thing.
Cant patent that though so it must be more than that.Quote

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