Modders Makes It Snow on GTA V PC

Modders Make It Snow on GTA V PC

Modder Makes It Snow on GTA V PC

Modder Make It Snow on GTA V PC


Modder have made it Snow on Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, making it clear that modding GTA V is indeed possible. Right now it is unknown how Rockstar will react to modifying GTA V, especially in GTA online, so if you decide to mod your GTA V game you do so at the risk of being banned by Rockstar at your own risk.

The video below shows the mod in action, working on GTA Online on the PC version.



The Mod can be downloaded from here, though be advised that modes for GTA V come from unknown sources and as such should be regarded with caution. We at OC3D take no responsabilty for any damage done by files obtained from external websites. 

At present it is also unclear how Rockstar will respond to players playing on modded versions of the game. Even with a mod as simple as this one there is a risk that Rockstar will ban all users of modified GTA V games online.  


Modder Makes It Snow on GTA V PC  Modder Makes It Snow on GTA V PC  


While this mod is a rater simple visual tweak, as there are several mission and event's in GTA V which include snow, this is a good sign that more and more complex mods for the game are coming. 


You can join the discussion of Modders adding Snow to GTA V on the OC3D Forums. 


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Most Recent Comments

21-04-2015, 18:08:56

Word around GTAInside.com camp fire is that it could well be Rockstar them self that has done this as a demonstration of things to come, no one is really talking in the GTA V mod communities yet, all too busy playing.Quote

21-04-2015, 18:11:39

Really cool, reminds me of the first half of Mafia II

Could very well be a community mod, I mean the snow was already in the game in the first mission, and then later when you go back to that place (that's not a spoiler, right?). All the modders had to do was take that and dump it in the main map?Quote

21-04-2015, 20:22:36

R* periodically made it snow on the PS3/360/PS4/XBone versions in GTA Online. Typically on Christmas and New Years day. It's highly possible that somebody managed to tweak the game in such a way that it unlocked on a random session. Then again R* could have made it happen extremely occasionally as a little easter egg? Who knows but I would call it an exploit rather than a mod as snow is already very much a part of GTA online.


22-04-2015, 07:27:11

I thought the world loading was done client side, if I'm right this would only affect the user of the mod and nobody else. I could be wrong but if I'm not I don't quite get the point.Quote

22-04-2015, 10:56:24

Rockstar have never said no to modding with 5, they've just said no to Online .Quote

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