GTX 980 and 970 Specs Rumored

GTX 900 Series

GTX 980 and 970 Specs Rumoured

GTX 980 and 970 Specs Rumored


The GTX 900 series will be soon upon us and our friends at VideoCardz have just published what looks like the final Nvidia specs of the GTX 980 and 970. Be reminded guys that this is a rumor, so please take this with your daily helping of sodium chloride.

From a loof at the Table Videocardz has on their site, we can see that the future Nvidia flagship, the GTX 980, will have less CUDA cores than it's current GTX 700 series predecessor. This will be 2048 Maxwell GPU cores compared to the GTX 780's 2304 Keplar cores, hopefully the architectural improvements moving from Keplar to Maxwell will more than counter this drop in core count.

The GTX 970 will have a GPU core count of 1664, which is a 128 core increase over the GTX 770 which it will replace.  


GTX 980 and 970 Specs Rumoured  

GPU memory will see a much needed increase in this coming generation, moving to 4GB frame buffers instead of the 2GB and 3GB buffers seen in the GTX 770 and 780 respectively. This will help Nvidia compete in today's increasingly higher resolution markets as textures become ever crisper and Resolutions continue to increase to 4K and beyond.

The 256-bit frame buffer in the GTX 980 will see memory bandwidth drop compared to the current generation GTX 780, so unless Nvidia has found a way to use their Bandwidth more efficiently (Like AMD did with their recent Tonga based R9 285) this should decrease memory performance compared to current gen offerings.


GTX 980 and 970 Specs Rumoured


If these Specs are correct then Nvidia will need a hefty increase performance with their Maxwell architecture to make the GTX 980 to be a true successor to Nvidia's current GTX 780Ti, nevermind the GTX 780.

We expect these specs to be confirmed or proven false by Nvidia at their Game 24 event on September 18th, where it is expected to be the where Nvidia launch the GTX 900 series. 


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Most Recent Comments

15-09-2014, 17:53:18

Very interesting.. the only upside to this is the Maxwell architecture which is 4x more efficient and consumes much less power. In total raw power there is no reason for anyone to move from the higher end 700 Series. That said this is only if these specs are true.Quote

15-09-2014, 17:58:05

Yes, for future SLI and power savings then its a nice touch - but as for raw graphical power - then no if you have 780+.Quote

15-09-2014, 18:05:56

Maybe wont be great for us, with desktops but look at the mobile advantages, the same performance 100w or more power saving thats pretty much awesome!
But in an SLI multi card set up it could be the difference between 2 or 3 card Sli, for set PSU's i my self would be interested to see a dual or tri Sli comparison between 780's and 980's showing particular attention to the power used, and the FPS difference.Quote

15-09-2014, 20:21:50

may want to speed up a bit,seeing that the 960 has also been spotted....Quote

15-09-2014, 20:30:10

Specs aren't looking that good on the 980.

Got my 780 Ti overclocked to 1300 and getting bandwidth of 360GB/s.

If the 980 can out do that with 800 less CUDA cores, 140GB/s less bandwidth and 75w less TDP then I'll be very impressed.Quote

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