Gainward GTX 780 TI Phantom First Look

Gainward GTX 780 TI Phantom

Gainward GTX 780 TI Phantom


The GTX 780 TI is one of the most powerful cards around at the moment. In tackling the higher resolutions, there really is no better option for the price than a couple of 780 TIs. As much as we loved the reference ‘Titan’ cooler that is on the standard 780 TIs, over the past few weeks, we’ve seen more and more non-reference designed cards. We recently looked at the Palit Jetstream 780 TI which we thought looked very impressive, and although not to everyone’s taste, the performance of the triple fan cooler was remarkable.

Next in the line-up of the 780 TIs is Gainward’s offering; the Gainward GTX780 TI Phantom. The Phantom cooler has been with us for years now, and despite a few changes to the internals, the Phantom has kept its sleek external design and the hidden fans, as well as the ability to remove the fans for cleaning without having to take the heatsink off!


Product Name  :   

Gainward GeForce® GTX 780 Ti Phantom

Barcode  :   


GPU  :   

GeForce GTX 780 Ti

GPU Clockspeed  :   

1046 MHz (boost) / 980 MHz (base)

Memory  :   

3072MB GDDR5 (384 bits)

Memory Clockspeed  :   

3500 MHz (DDR7000)

Pixels per clock (peak)  :   


Bandwidth  :   

336 GB/s

Ramdac  :   

400 MHz

Bus  :   

PCI-Express 3.0 x 16

Cooling  :   

2.5 Slot Fan cooler

Video-Features  :   


Connectivity  :   

Dual DVI, DisplayPort

Product Size  :   

274mm x 112mm

Power Connector  :   

8-pin *2





















We really like the look of Gainward’s Phantom cooler. It keeps a very minimalistic design on the outside, with no fans visible on the exterior, which is very rare to see these days. The heatsink itself is in sight, as well as the sleek black shrouding. As the black is a very neutral colour, this card is able to look amazing in any system it’s placed in. Gainward have clearly put a lot of effort in to the design of this and we think it’s really paid off!

Another thing to note on the 780 TI Phantom, is that all three fans are removable. The Phantom cooler is the only one around which allows and is a really great feature to see. With any high end PC, the case should be kept well dust filtered, and have a positive air pressure inside the case so air is forced out of ventilation holes rather than sucked in. However, over time, a little dust build up should always be expected, and some of this dust will inevitably end up blocking the graphics card’s heatsink which will increase temperatures, making the fans spin faster and give you a louder sounding PC. With other graphics cards, you’re forced to remove the whole heatsink in order to give it a proper clean. With certain brands, this can void the warranty, and even if it doesn’t it may still be a daunting process for the average user. However, with the 780 TI Phantom, you’re able to remove the fans from the heatsink for cleaning, without having to remove the entire cooler. This is a really innovative design and can save the user a lot of time in cleaning.

The cooler does take up two and a half slots which may cause issues if you want to SLI these cards on a more compact motherboard. Most motherboards these days are designed to accommodate cards such as this, and so it hopefully won’t cause you any problems, but it may be something to bear in mind if you’re wishing to run a pair of these with a soundcard, and perhaps a WiFi card or another form of PCI(E) device.

Overall, we think the Gainward GTX 780 TI looks very promising. The large, well designed cooler should enable the card to run incredibly cool and quiet, even whilst under load, and with the Nvidia GTX 780 TI in the core, you can expect performance to be staggering too!

Thank you to Gainward for supplying the card. You can discuss your thoughts over on the OC3D Forums.


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08-12-2013, 11:13:23

PMing the user to ask what exactly his intentions are; If he wants to sell it, give it away or have someone mod it for him.
Will post back when I have an answer.

What do we do if he wants to give it away? OC3D Freebies section or would it belong in FS&W and thus be deleted?Quote

08-12-2013, 11:33:25

He is offering to give it away - we could let him have access to FS&W to do this?

Someone PM him and inform him and say what we can doQuote

08-12-2013, 12:11:51

Did you follow this one up Feronix?Quote

08-12-2013, 12:13:00

Well I wouldn't mind giving it away. I don't have the new case yet though so I was just seeing if there was registered interest.
Sorry If I wasn't clear.

08-12-2013, 12:15:41

I suggest he waits until he is able to give it away then we can open a FS/W thread for any moddersQuote

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